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Those individuals from Balfour who are dealing with substance abuse will usually feel a great deal of relief when they eventually escape this problem. This can often happen after the person has spent some time in detox centres and rehab. Breaking away from an addiction is a great achievement and the individual has every right to feel good about themselves and their hard one freedom. There is a typical type of high feeling that people in Balfour who are in early recovery will need to look out for – this is often referred to as pink cloud syndrome.

How the Pink Cloud is Dangerous

It probably sounds a bit odd to suggest that feeling too good about things might be a bad thing. The reality is though, that if people in early recovery become too high on life it can get them into trouble. Some of the dangers that are associated with the pink cloud would include:

  • The individual can feel so great that when they leave drug and alcohol rehab they believe that they are cured. This is dangerous because the individual will not then do the things that they need to do in order to maintain their sobriety.
  • Feeling too good in early recovery can mean that the individual begins to take things for granted. This type of complacency will often come before a relapse.
  • The person who is really high on recovery can begin to doubt if they ever had a problem to begin with.
  • The individual may wonder if using alcohol or drugs at this stage would make their high even more enjoyable.
  • When the pink cloud ends (which it always does) the individual can feel disillusioned and disappointment. This could then put them in danger of relapse back to addiction.

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