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Drug and alcoholic help in Southwell will be able to assist the individual in breaking away from addictive behaviours. In many cases the individual will have fallen into this type of problem because they had characteristics that made them more prone to it. This is not to say that the individual deserved to become addicted, but there does seem to be certain characteristics that most substance abusers will share. These characteristics are often referred to collectively as the addictive personality. One of the main goals that people from Southwell will have when they enter some type of drug or alcoholic rehabilitation centre will be to begin chipping away at these character traits.

What is the Addictive Personality?

The addictive personality refers to a number of different characteristics that people who fall into addiction tend to share including:

  • The individual will usually be prone to impulsive behaviour. This means that they often do things first before considering the consequences. The outcome of impulsiveness is that the individual will usually do things that they later regret – things they could have avoided if they had been a bit less impulsive.
  • This type of person will usually enjoy taking risks. The willingness to take risks can be a good thing, but in the case of the substance abuser they will take this to the extreme of recklessness.
  • It is common for substance abusers to suffer from the symptoms of depression. It may have been these symptoms that originally encouraged them to use alcohol and drugs as a form of self medication.
  • The individual with an addictive personality may also have problems with anxiety.
  • It is common for substance abusers to have problems with delaying gratification. They do not see the need for making sacrifices in order to enjoy bigger benefits later on.

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