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Those who are looking for addiction help in Nottingham will have a number of different options. All of the different addiction treatment options will offer different ways of handling sobriety, but there are some key ingredients that these will need to have in order to be effective. One of the most important things that people from Nottingham will need to learn if they are going to be successful breaking away from addiction will be dealing with relapse triggers. These are the things that can happen in early sobriety that make it more likely that the individual will drink again or use drugs.

How to Deal with Relapse Triggers

In order for people to be able to deal with the relapse triggers they will need to first be aware of what these are. There are many possible triggers but the most common would include:

  • Boredom in drug and alcohol recovery can be a particular danger. This means that the individual will have time to dwell on what they think they are missing. If the individual feels bored they may use this as an excuse to relapse. In fact some people will allow themselves to become bored so that they have this excuse.
  • Another of the common relapse triggers is loneliness. When people become sober they will usually have to give up on their drinking and drug using friends. This means that they will be without a social support network, and they can soon become lonely. This is why it is vital that people in recovery begin rebilling a new sober social network as soon as possible.
  • Four of the most common relapse triggers are remembered using the acronym HALT. This acronym stands for hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness. It is vital that the individual tries to avoid these as much as possible in early recovery.

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