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As you might imagine, substance abuse is a big problem in the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, just as it is in other large cities. There are many people here who need help to quit substances such as alcohol or drugs, and while many are already accessing drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, there are still many more who have yet to reach out for help. It might be hard for some people to understand why those affected by substance abuse and addiction would not get the help they need to get better, but there are many reasons for this reluctance.

One of the main reasons addicts fail to access services such as alcohol and drug rehab in Newcastle-upon-Tyne is due to the perceived shame and embarrassment. They would prefer to continue with their addictive behaviour than admit to having a problem. Others simply do not see how serious their situation actually is.

Either way, it is not pig-headedness or stupidity that prevents addicts from recognising the truth of their situation; it is usually an inability to think clearly, brought on by the abuse of chemical substances such as alcohol and drugs. Many affected individuals who fail to access rehab in Newcastle-upon-Tyne do so because they just do not think they need it.

Are You in Need of Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Newcastle-upon-Tyne?

Coming to terms with an addiction is tough for anyone. Most people do not want to be classed as addicts and as such may practice denial, either intentionally or unintentionally. Pretending that everything is okay and hoping that the illness will pass is not unusual, but most people soon realise that it is not realistic. In fact, ignoring an addiction will not see it go away at all; the illness will get worse.

It is important to be honest with yourself about your substance consumption and about how serious your situation really is. The only way you are going to get back on track is if you get your substance use under control. If your level of substance misuse is not too severe yet, you may be able to sort your life out without having to quit forever.

However, if you have a physical dependence it is likely that abstinence is the only option. Most people cannot achieve long-term sobriety without help though. The good news is that there are plenty of options in terms of drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the surrounding region.

If you are struggling to accept that you might need help, please give us a call. We can provide you with a free assessment of your current situation. By availing of this free evaluation, you will know for sure if you could benefit from professional help.

Why Rehab in Newcastle-upon-Tyne?

The damage that is caused by the abuse of alcohol and drugs is never reserved solely for the person abusing the substance. This illness is one that has a negative impact on many individuals, including those close to the addict and, more often than not, even strangers.

Addiction is responsible for mental and physical health problems, the breakdown of relationships, unemployment, financial struggles, crime, homelessness, and even premature death. It has a devastating impact on those who use drugs and alcohol, but it can also severely affect the lives of their family members and friends.

Nevertheless, because alcohol and drug abuse lead to an increased number of hospital admissions, it is placing a huge burden on the National Health Service and those who work there. Addiction-related illnesses and injuries take up time and cost money and the worst thing about this is the fact that these illnesses and injuries are completely avoidable.

But it is not just the NHS that is affected; substance abuse is also said to be a leading contributor to violent crimes. This affects entire communities as well as society in general. The cost of addiction-related incidents to the economy is estimated to be in the billions of pounds every single year; again, all avoidable.

It is easy to see why there is a need for alcohol and drug rehab in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in terms of lessening the impact on society. However, it is also necessary to improve the lives of those directly affected. The abuse of substances like alcohol and drugs can destroy entire families and can cause health issues for the addict. With the right programme of detox and rehabilitation though, many of these problems can be reversed.

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Do You Need Detox Before Rehab?

Addiction is a complicated illness of the brain. It is important to remember that for most of those affected it is made up of two elements: a physical addiction and a psychological addiction. To fully overcome an addiction, you will need to address both elements. This means that a detox is almost always necessary before rehab if a physical dependence on alcohol or drugs exists.

To tackle the physical side of the addiction, a programme of detoxification is required. This usually takes place in a detox clinic because it is safer and more comfortable under the supervision of fully qualified, experienced staff.

Detox begins when you quit alcohol or drugs. It is necessary that this take place before rehab in Newcastle-upon-Tyne because you will need to have a clear head before even attempting the more complex rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation programmes aim to get to the root cause of the illness, and this can be a distressing and emotional experiencing. Delving into one’s past to identify what caused the addiction to alcohol or drugs can bring up painful memories and unless your mind and body is free from the chemicals you were abusing, it might be even more distressing.

Detox programmes usually run for around a week to ten days. During this time, the body will attempt to heal itself, the process of which can result in a number of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be mild to severe in intensity but in a detox clinic, staff can ease any discomfort you may experience. They may even be able to prevent the worst of these symptoms from occurring.

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