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Alcohol and drugs are serious problems in communities all across Britain. Bedlington is no exception. There are those living in Bedlington dealing with substance abuse every day. Still others are already addicted and have been for years. If you count yourself among those battling drug or alcohol issues, we want to help you. We can also help if you are a family member or friend of someone who is struggling.

Recovery is possible when you take advantage of a proven rehab programme offered by a private clinic, the NHS, or another organisation. Successful rehab programmes have demonstrated that it is possible to overcome substance abuse or addiction with the right kind of support and treatment.

At Addiction Helper, our mission is to connect you with treatment providers who can help you get well. The providers we work with span everything from private clinics to local charities to support groups. We make it our business to know exactly what kind of treatments is available in Bedlington at any given time. We know what is available right now to meet your needs. To find out, just call our 24-hour addiction recovery helpline.

What We Offer

Addiction Helper offers you the opportunity to overcome drink or drugs through proven treatment programmes. The first thing we do when a client calls is listen to what that individual has to say. Next, we ask some questions in order to help us understand the seriousness of the problem. That is followed by a comprehensive assessment and our recommendations for treatment.

We are here to provide you assistance within the scope of our mission. We are not here to make money from your suffering or to pass judgement on you or your family. We want nothing more than to know that you are overcoming substance abuse or addiction through professional treatment.

To that end, we often refer clients to residential treatment programmes at private clinics in the Bedlington area. It has been our experience that such programmes offer the best chances of permanent success by way of focused and distraction free treatments. Residential treatment involves detox, rehabilitative therapy, and aftercare.

Featured Bedlington Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

We Want to Help

One of the things that set us apart is that we want to help you help yourself. We fully understand that no addict can truly recover unless he or she wants to, so we do not try to manipulate or coerce. We are here to offer as much or as little assistance as you desire. Obviously, we hope you do want to get well when you call.

You need to understand that the single greatest factor in your recovery is you. The combination of a good attitude and a genuine willingness to get well is the best asset you can bring to recovery. If you are ready to get well, let us help.

Addiction Helper offers free and comprehensive assessments along with treatment referrals and advice. We work with various treatment providers across the UK and worldwide. This enables us to direct each client to the most appropriate treatment. Our services are available throughout Britain by way of our 24-hour addiction recovery helpline.

We offer dedicated local treatment acrossNorthumberland includingNewcastle-upon-Tyne ,Alnwick ,(Berwick-upon-Tweed ),Hexham ,Morpeth ,Blyth ,Cramlington ,Ashington ,Bedlington andPrudhoe .