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One of the real dangers for people from Alnwick who are trying to break away from addiction is that they fall into the trap of stinking thinking. This refers to a type of mental attitude that works against the ability of the person to get better. This means that even if the individual enters a great addiction treatment program they might not be able to get the most from the experience. It is usually obvious when the person has fallen into stinking thinking. It is therefore important that people in Alnwick are aware of these symptoms so that they can prevent it happening to them.

The Symptoms of Stinking Thinking

The type of symptoms that people are likely to experience with stinking thinking would include:

  • The individual is very pessimistic about their chances of breaking away from drug and alcohol addiction. This means that they can create a self fulfilling prophecy. This is where the act of predicting a negative outcome causes it to happen. This happens because the individual does not believe that they are going to succeed so they do not put in sufficient effort.
  • When people are caught in stinking thinking they will be negative about everything. No matter how well things are going for them they will find a reason to complain. This is because the individual is not used to being happy and does not trust it – they may even secretly believe that they do not deserve to be happy. Another reason for such negativity is that the person is looking for an excuse to relapse.
  • Those people who are caught in stinking thinking will tend to be highly cynical. They will not really believe that the people who are trying to help them are genuine. They will also tend to dismiss recovery options out of hand.

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