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Attending Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Northumberland

After dealing with substance abuse or addiction for several months, years or even decades, trying to get sober and maintain sobriety can be really tricky. This is why going to a residential alcohol and drug rehab in Northumberland is a great option for getting into recovery. Experts agree that residential rehab is the best treatment available for addiction because it provides not just a detox, but facilitates a change in thinking and lifestyle.

Going to Rehab in Northumberland

In the past many people thought of addiction as a moral failing on the part of the addict, today we understand addiction as an illness of the reward, motivation, memory circuitry of the brain. If you are suffering you may feel that your situation is too difficult to overcome, but with the expert help available in the Northumberland rehabs you can recover. Addressing your illness as promptly as possible is a good idea. Because addiction a progressive illness it is a great idea to get help as soon as you can.

Taking time out from the pressures and responsibilities of outside issues will allow you to really focus on your recovery. It is far to recover with the help of a group of peers and an expert and passionate team of professionals around you than it is to do it alone at home.

Detoxification in Northumberland

On arrival you will be assessed by a doctor who will prescribe you a medicated detox, should you need one. To do this the doctors will ask you questions about your drug or drink of choice, your using history, and any other mental, physical, emotional health issues you may have.

Everything will be done to make the detox process as a safe and as comfortable as possible for you, this includes 24-hour support from on-site staff. Another great resource for getting through detox in rehab is, of course, your peers. The community in rehab is made up of people who are all in different stages of early recovery, this means you will be surrounded by people who really know what you are going through, have been through it themselves – and are getting better!

You will be gently supported through Detox and the induction process while you get to know the routine, and throughout your stay in rehab.

A multifaceted approach

The Northumberland drug and alcohol rehabs provide a holistic and integrated service of medical treatments, individual and group therapy delivered by passionate and qualified addiction experts.  Your treatment plan will be tailored and adapted to your specific needs and goals as you progress through the programme. You will be assigned a focal counsellor who will usually work with you throughout your stay in rehab.

The Therapeutic Programme

The Northumberland rehab programmes are intensive and structured to include various research-based components such as:

  • Full medical detox
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Other therapies e.g. CBT, trauma therapy,
  • Complementary therapies
  • Family Therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Gender Groups
  • Family Therapy
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Healthy Eating
  • Aftercare
  • Meditation

A typical day at rehab in Northumberland

A typical day in drug and alcohol rehab in Northumberland will consist of a blend of individual counselling, group therapy sessions, written/other assignments, recovery groups, and free time. All this will be delivered in a safe and nurturing environment.

Individual counselling and group counselling

Individual Counselling and Group Counselling are two of the core components of most rehab programmes:

  • Individual counselling will give you the opportunity to work with the same focal counsellor throughout your stay in rehab. In this session, you will be able to talk privately and confidentially to your counsellor about whatever you need to work through.
  • Group counselling will be facilitated by a counsellor and often a member of the support staff and will enable peers to learn from one another’s insights and to work on interpersonal and communication skills.


Active alcoholism and addiction cause a chronic sense of shame which can lead to depression and hopelessness.  This sense of unworthiness can become a barrier to getting help but in rehab, you will have the opportunity to heal from both your shame and your addiction. Rehab uses cutting-edge therapeutic approaches to help you to:

  • Recognise your thoughts and feelings
  • Process emotions in healthy and effective ways
  • Love and accept yourself
  • Stop behaviour that is not helpful for you
  • Create effective and safe self-care tools

Therapeutic Communities in the Northumberland Area

In many of the Northumberland alcohol and drug rehabs, you will benefit from living in a therapeutic community, this makes recovering far easier than doing it in isolation at home. With your peers in the programme you will:

  • Help each other – Invest in each other’s recovery and experience the joy of helping others and of being helped. You will realise that your experiences and insights benefit others.
  • Focus on gratitude – understandably, addiction is often accompanied by depression and negativity. In rehab, you will turn this pattern of negativity around


Completing treatment is a time to celebrate and please be reassured that you will not be returning to ‘normal’ life without support. Alcohol and drug rehabs usually offer ongoing support in the form of aftercare groups, individual counselling, and educational workshops – these services are available for up to a year after you have completed primary treatment.

In rehab, you will have worked extensively on a relapse prevention plan, with the help of your counsellor and peers. This plan will help you to be aware of relapse triggers and the thinking that comes before a relapse, and to be aware of what solution based options are available for you.

The rehab will contact your doctor with discharge information so that continuing care can be put in place where appropriate. Rehabs often also support you in finding work and training, and into appropriate ‘dry’ accommodation if that is necessary.

Before departure, you will often be given information about Northumberland Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. In AA and NA you will find a grass-roots recovery community. These meetings are free and available to all, the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using or drinking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an addiction?

Often addicts feel a sense of shame about being unable to stop despite the negative consequences for themselves and those around them. You are not bad or weak. You have the illness of addiction. The illness of addiction is characterised by an inability to choose to stop using, and that is not a moral failing.

Despite the fact that you are powerless when in your illness, you can take responsibility for your recovery. Through rehab and the recovery community, you will gain the understanding and skills that you need to lead a happy, productive drug –free life.

Why do I need to stay in treatment after detox?

Detox is just a first step- to achieve long-lasting recovery you must address your thinking and behaviour or you will return to active using. The therapeutic part of the program will help you to embrace change and build a new life and get into long-term sobriety.

How do I know treatment will work for me?

The Northumberland programmes are designed to give you the best chance at finding yourself and living a substance-free life. Rehabs include many different therapeutic approaches in their programmes so as to have the best chance at finding something to reach everybody.

What about my family?

Rehabs often offer family therapy where appropriate and are usually more than happy to offer family members support in necessary.

Family members and friends will be able to visit after the initial detox is over and are able to phone in and talk to you, usually in the evenings during free time

Addiction is a family disease and suggests that the family members attend Al-Anon groups in the Northumberland area. There you will be able to hear the experience, strength and hope from other family members of addicts/alcoholics.

How can I pay for my treatment?

Those who are able to privately fund their rehab programme will find little or even no waiting list prior to assessment and admission, this is usually the preferred method of payment. If you are unable to pay for your treatment privately you may be eligible for NHS funding. To find out about an NHS funded place in rehabilitation clinic, please visit your GP who can then refer you to local Northumberland drug and alcohol services.

What should I bring?

You will usually only need a minimum of things for your stay in rehab. You will usually just require some changes of comfortable clothing, clothing appropriate for fitness/yoga sessions, new, unopened toiletries, and a small amount of money. Digital distractions in the form of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, are usually discouraged this is so you can really focus on the programme and on using the support network of the staff team and your peers.

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