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The first few weeks of addiction recovery may be difficult for people from Wellingborough. This period of sobriety is sometimes referred to as an emotional rollercoaster because of the highs and lows involved. These mood swings can be difficult to deal with unless the individual has the right type of support. One of the best ways for them to get the support they need will be to enter some type of rehab. This will mean that they are supported until their emotions become more stable, and they have established a stronger sobriety.

The Causes of the Emotional Rollercoaster

There are a number of reasons for why people from Wellingborough are likely to experience the emotional rollercoaster including:

  • The individual will be dealing with withdrawal symptoms during the first few weeks of recovery, and these can impact mood. The good news is that this will get better once the individual is through the initial detox period.
  • The person will have been numbing their emotions for years with alcohol and drugs so they are no longer used to feeling them. This means that their emotions can feel more intense than usual. Once the individual becomes used to feeling their emotions again things will improve.
  • As the person’s emotions thaw out after being kept numb for so long there can be a rebound effect. This will settle down in long term sobriety.
  • There are many challenges that the individual will need to face when they first become sober. Facing these challenges can cause different emotions, but things will become easier once the individual gets used to dealing with life on life’s terms.

Those people who are about to begin addiction treatment in some type of alcohol or drug rehab will have plenty of support to help them deal with the emotional rollercoaster.

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