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There may be some people dealing with addiction problems in Peterborough who have to wrestle with a dual diagnosis. This means that they have a mental health problem alongside their substance abuse. In many cases the individual will not even be aware that they have this additional problem, but it is important that it is identified so that proper treatment will be given. If people in Peterborough enter recovery with an untreated dual diagnosis it may make it difficult for them to become comfortable in sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis Explained

To say that a person has a dual diagnosis means that they are dealing with another mental health problem alongside their addiction. This could involve something like depression or anxiety disorder. It may be that the individual had this problem prior to their addiction and this is why they began abusing these substances in the first place as a type of self medication. There will also be those individuals who developed mental health problems as a result of the addiction. Alcohol and drugs can be very damaging to the brain as well as the body.

If people are struggling in alcohol or drug rehabilitation centre it will sometimes be because they are dealing with a dual diagnosis. The good news is that once this is identified there will usually be options for managing it. Those individuals who developed their dual diagnosis as a result of their addiction will usually find that the symptoms disappear after they have been sober for a period of time.

If people in Peterborough are worried that they might have a dual diagnosis and they are considering rehab it might be a good idea to contact us here. Some facilities will be better able to deal with a dual diagnosis than others. It is always important to try and treat both of these conditions together or one can get in the way of the other.

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