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If there are people in Northamptonshire who are currently dealing with addiction problems they will need to understand that help will be available for them. Once the person is ready to break away from the addiction they will have choice and options to turn to. One of the best options worth considering will be alcohol and drug rehab clinics. The reason for why this option is so effective is that it takes all the best addiction treatment resources and provides these as part of an intensive program. This means that when the individual is ready to go home they will have all the tools they need in order to make a success of their recovery.

Choosing a rehab facility

There are a number of choices when it comes to rehab facilities. Each clinic offers various treatments. On admission to a rehab centre, patients will be assessed to find out which course of action will suit them best. However, before being admitted, if patients have the luxury of being able to choose which centre they use, there might be a few points to take into consideration:

  • Private or NHS – This could depend largely on the means of each patient and whether or not they are being referred by their doctor.
  • Distance from home – Some rehab clinics allow visitors for the patients, although this will normally happen when the patient is seen to be making good progress. If visitors are allowed, then a rehab closer to home might be more attractive to families in order to make visitations easier to manage.
  • Treatment program – Each clinic offers a different treatment program. Some are based on the 12 step AA program. This program is known to be extremely spiritual and relies heavily on the belief that placing all trust in God will help. Others use an adaptation of this program which still uses the 12 step plan but can appeal to those strong of faith as well as atheists. There are also treatments that allow either complete abstinence or small alcohol intake. These programs are thought to provide patients with a better chance of staying sober. Alternatively, there are treatments that are centred on a more holistic approach.

What to expect whilst in rehab

After being admitted into a rehab program, patients will be assessed to find out what their core problems are, what their goals are and the best ways to achieve them. From here, a combination of treatments and skills will be taught in order for the addict to let go of their addiction and work towards leading an independent life outside of rehab. To do this, the following will be implemented:

  • Group therapy – Patients will be able to share their stories and aspirations to overcome their addiction. The therapy serves to build new relationships with people who are trying to overcome their addictions as opposed to other people who have been enabling the addiction outside of rehab.
  • One-to-one counselling – This looks in depth at the specific problems which may have led to addiction at the same time as working towards a healthier mental attitude.
  • Workshops – Patients will learn new skills that can be used outside of rehab in order for them to re-enter society with a feeling of worth. Often, patients in rehab will have long since stopped interacting with anybody outside of their circle of co-addicts. Having new skills which help them move forward to seek employment, manage their own anxieties and become more independent overall is a key factor in ensuring their abstinence from their addiction remains in place.
  • Everyday tasks such as cleaning etc. – Chores are given to inpatients in order to teach them responsibility and teach them how to look after themselves outside of rehab. Taking part with others can also strengthen social interaction with like-minded people which again, helps them to keep positive connections once they leave the facility.

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The Benefits of Rehab

There are many good reasons for why people from Northamptonshire who are dealing with addiction should consider a drug or alcohol rehab including:

  • This will give them an environment where they will be protected during the most vulnerable first weeks of recovery. Most individuals who try to break away from addiction on their own will never make it past the first few weeks. Those who do make it through this period will have a much great chance of becoming sober long term.
  • When the individual enters this type of program they will be able to fully focus on getting better. This means that they will not have to worry about everyday concerns and stresses like work or taking care of their family. The fact that the person is so concentrated on recovery increases their chances of success. This level of focus is needed because addiction is a life threatening illness.
  • When the person is in this type of facility they will have access to all the resource they need in order to build a strong recovery. Of course it will always be up to the individual to make the best uses of these resources.
  • The individual who is in this type of facility will be supported by addiction processionals as well as other clients. This means that they will always have somebody to turn to should things become hard – which it usually does at some point over the course of treatment.
  • By the time the individual has become ready to leave this facility they will not only have the tools they need in order to stay sober, but they will also have tools to build a new and better life. The person will be going home with a full toolbox of tricks and strategies to make them a success in life.
  • During their time in rehab the individual will have had time to think about their future and make plans. This type of contemplation will be very important for them going forward.
  • One of the other great benefits of this type of facility is that the person will learn how to develop strong and meaningful interpersonal relationships. This is another skill that will be of great benefit to them going forward in life.

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