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Are you the kind of person who gets offended when others show concern about your drinking or drug use habits? Do you find yourself being secretive about drinking or drug use just to avoid having conversations? If so, you are exhibiting two of the classic signs of addiction. Perhaps it is time you reached out for help.

Getting help for substance abuse in Wymondham begins by calling our addiction recovery helpline. We are a confidential organisation, and we will present our clients with all of the available options for rehabilitation at any given time. This is what enables us to serve so many people in Wymondham and beyond.

You can get help with your drug or alcohol problem by speaking with one of our counsellors. We will provide a complete evaluation of your circumstances, followed by recommendations for the treatments most likely to help you. We will even refer you to a rehab clinic or other service provider in your area.

Bespoke Treatments

In the old days, we used to believe we could help every substance abuser with just one or two recovery methods. However, time and experience have shown us otherwise. Today, we know a better way to approach drugs and alcohol is through bespoke treatments developed for each person individually. Bespoke treatments consider a number of different factors including past experience, the length of substance abuse problems, and the different substances used.

There are times when we endeavour to help clients suffering through a dual diagnosis situation. Dual diagnosis is a scenario in which an individual is suffering from both substance abuse and a mental illness simultaneously. The thing with dual diagnosis scenarios is that these require bespoke treatment plans. They require treatments provided by trained therapists who have experience in both aspects of the dual diagnosis.

If you are concerned you may have a substance abuse or dual diagnosis problem, we invite you to contact us right away. Rest assured the problem would not solve itself no matter how much you want it to. It can only be solved with professional treatment offered by experienced therapists, doctors, and nurses.

Featured Wymondham Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Residential Treatment

Addiction Helper believes residential treatment is one of the best options for full-blown addicts. Residential treatment combines medically supervised detox with rehabilitative therapies. Following a residential treatment programme, the recovering addict receives aftercare services for as long as they are needed.

Do you need residential treatment? That depends on the severity of your problem. A comprehensive assessment by one of our trained counsellors can determine whether residential treatment is appropriate for you or not. If not, we can refer you to outpatient treatment provided by charities, local support groups, professional counsellors or the NHS. In order to help you though, we need you to call us.

As an organisation offering free referrals and advice, Addiction Helper is committed to assisting anyone who needs help in Wymondham. Our addiction recovery helpline is also available throughout the rest of the UK.

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