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Prescription medication abuse is on the rise across the UK and King’s Lynn has not been spared from this epidemic. It can be particularly difficult to treat this type of addiction because the individual may refuse to acknowledge the fact that they are a substance abuser in need of help. There can be a great deal of denial involved, and this will be bolstered by the fact that the individual does not fit the common stereotype for a substance abuser. The reality is though that unless the individual is able to end this problem they will be caught in the downward spiral of addiction, and they may end up losing everything.

The Truth about Prescription Medication Abuse

It is unlikely that those people in King’s Lynn who have fallen into prescription medication abuse will have planned to end up with this type of problem. The reality is that they will usually have had good reason for taking the medication in the beginning. It will likely have been prescribed to treat the symptoms of some type of condition that was causing discomfort. The problem of prescription medication abuse begins when they individual starts taking their drugs for reasons for other than what they were prescribe for. For example the individual who is on opiate medication for pain may discover that they like how this makes them feel so they start taking it of that reason.

Once the individual begins abusing their prescription medication it usually becomes difficult for them to ensure a supply. They may start by lying to their health care providers or ever turn to the black market in order to feed their habit. This is how people can find themselves in a great deal of trouble. It is at this stage (or preferably before it) that people from King’s Lynn will need to seek put some addiction help.

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