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When one member of a family develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can destroy the life of every other member. The negative effects of addiction are never reserved for the individual alone, despite what many others might believe. In East Dereham, lots of families are struggling on a daily basis to cope with one member’s addiction but Addiction Helper is here to assist. We help addicts and their families when it comes to accessing both drug and alcohol rehab in East Dereham.

We know that many individuals have still to reach out for alcohol and drug rehab in East Dereham, but we understand the reasons for this. Many are unaware that they have a problem while others know they need help but do not know where to turn for it. Some are reluctant to ask for help because they are embarrassed or ashamed and are worried about what others will think of them. These are all valid reasons for not getting the help you need, but until you can overcome these issues, you will continue living under the cloud of addiction.

We want to help you break free from the cycle of substance abuse and addiction. We know that once you make that decision to get help, you will feel as though a giant weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You can look forward to a substance-free life with the help of rehab in East Dereham, and we can help you every step of your journey.

Heal with Addiction Treatment in East Dereham

There are many ways that substance abuse and addiction can negatively affect the lives of addicts and their family members. Abuse of drugs and alcohol does not come without consequences; the following areas tend to be the worst affected:

  • Physical Health – Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to many health problems including high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, liver disease, lung damage, kidney disease, heart disease, and cancer.
  • Mental Health – It is not just physical health problems that those with addiction need to worry about. In fact, mental health problems and addiction are closely linked. Some individuals find themselves abusing substances because they have mental health problems while others develop mental health issues as a result of their substance abuse. Problems can include anxiety disorder, chronic depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, and dementia.
  • Relationships – Relationship problems are par for the course for those with addiction as it is virtually impossible to maintain healthy relationships with family members, friends, and work colleagues when substance abuse is in the way.
  • Finances – As an addiction progresses, more and more money will be required to fund the habit and this can often leave addicts and their families in dire financial straits.
  • Prospects – If an addiction to alcohol or drugs is left untreated, it can rob the individual of all hope for the future. Unless he or she is able to break free from the chains of addiction, any goals or ambitions will almost certainly be put on indefinite hold.

The good news is that a programme of drug or alcohol rehab in East Dereham could help to reverse much of the damage that has been caused by substance abuse and addiction. Please call us now to find out more about overcoming addiction and getting your life back on track.

Is Detox Necessary before Rehab?

If you are physically addicted to alcohol or drugs, then it is likely you will need to complete a medical detox before you can get started on rehabilitation. You can usually tell if you are physically addicted by the presence of withdrawal symptoms whenever you are in need of alcohol or drugs. These symptoms can include headaches, sweating, shaking, nausea, and mood swings.

Before alcohol or drug rehab in East Dereham can begin, you must be clean and sober, and this process can take around one to two weeks. It is best to complete a medical detox in a supervised facility because it is generally accepted as the safest and most comfortable way to get sober.

In a supervised facility, you will quit alcohol or drugs and wait until your body has expelled all remaining chemicals that have built up over years of substance abuse. This process can be quite uncomfortable, and over the course of the following couple of weeks, you will experience a range of symptoms that can be mild to severe in their intensity. Symptoms tend to start off mild before progressing and reaching a peak. They should then begin to subside, with most disappearing after around ten days. However, some symptoms can linger for a number of months, depending on the substance that was being abused.

After your detox, you should have a clear mind and body and will be able to get started on a programme of rehabilitation in your choice of clinic.

Featured East-dereham Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Choosing the Best Alcohol or Drug Rehab in East Dereham

Wanting the best rehab in East Dereham is understandable, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that not everyone will respond the same when it comes to addiction recovery.

In the early days of addiction recovery, it was normal procedure to treat everyone the same way and hope for the best. While this method worked very well for some, it did not work for everyone. Over time, experts have come to realise that this is because everyone is different and has differing needs in terms of addiction services.

These days, bespoke treatment plans are used to ensure that the requirements of the individual patient are met. This means that what might be the best rehab programme for one person may not be the best for you.

We work hard to make sure that we take all your needs into account before recommending any treatment providers. We want you to be comfortable with whoever you are treated by. What is most important to us is that you are getting help for your addiction and not who is providing that help.

With that in mind, please contact Addiction Helper. We will provide you with helpful advice and information on the assorted options available in East Dereham as well as offering a fully in-depth assessment of your situation to give you a clearer picture of what you are dealing with. Please call today to see how we can help you beat addiction for good.

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