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When people from East Dereham begin recovering from an addiction problem it will not only be the bad days that can cause them to think of relapse. The individual will also need to be careful around those times when they are feeling extremely happy because they may use this as an excuse to relapse. This is because the person will likely have been using alcohol or drugs to celebrate as well as drown their sorrows. This means that in the beginning it can feel strange to have good times without the addition of chemicals into the system. There is a certain type of natural high feeling that people from East Dereham will need to be careful of in early recovery. This is referred to commonly as pink cloud syndrome.

Pink Cloud Syndrome

When people first break away from addiction they have every right to feel good about themselves. By entering an alcohol or drug treatment centre they will be getting the help they need in order to build a good life. It is a positive and happy time after many years of suffering and the individual deserves to enjoy it. Problems can come though, if the individual becomes so happy that they lose touch with reality. This is commonly referred to as pink cloud syndrome. This feeling of being on a natural high is dangerous because:

  • The individual can feel so good that they can begin to question their sobriety. They may decide that staying sober is easy, and they do not need to put any effort into it.
  • The person may be feeling so good that they decide to celebrate with a drink.
  • The individual may feel terribly disappointed when this pink cloud period of sobriety ends and they have to once again face reality. They may use this as an excuse to relapse back to addiction.

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