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There are a number of reasons for why people from Cromer might fall into addiction but one of the most common is that they began using these substances as a form of self medication. This means that the individual will have been engaged in the behaviour because it seemed to be benefiting their life. This makes sense as it is unlikely that anyone could become addicted unless there was a good reason for them to begin the behaviour in the first place. No matter what the reasons were for why the person began the abuse they will usually end up in the same place. Whatever benefits they enjoyed in the beginning will be lost, and the person will now be trapped in the downward spiral of addiction. It is vital that people in Cromer who find themselves in this position are able to break away. If they are serious about doing this then a good option will be for them to enter a drug and alcohol treatment centre.

Why People Self Medicate with Alcohol and Drugs

The reasons for why people began to self medicate with alcohol and drugs will usually still be there when they sober up. In fact the situation will usually have deteriorated significantly. This means that it is important that the individual is able to treat the original problem effectively or else they will slip back to self medication. The most common reasons for why the individual will have felt the need to self medicate will include:

  • The person may have been dealing with symptoms of a mental illness like depression or anxiety disorder. In many instances the individual will be unaware that they had this problem.
  • They individual was finding life too difficult.
  • They suffered some type of physical or mental trauma.

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