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When people who are dealing with addiction problems in Rothes become ready to end this behaviour there can be a great chance of them having a good future. Unfortunately, stopping the alcohol and drug abuse is not always enough to ensure that the individual will have a good life going forward. In some cases the individual will sober up but their behaviour will continue to be less than ideal – it will continue to cause pain for themselves and for other people. This is because the addiction is only part of the problem. In order to fully recover the individual will need to make changes to their life. They will need to do things differently. One of the best places where people from Rothes can begin to make these changes will be in a drug rehab centre.

Creating Real Change in Recovery

One of the dangers for people who decide to become sober is that they become physically sober but not emotionally or mentally sober. This means that they are a dry drunk. In Alcoholics Anonymous they talk about people who have not had a drink in years, but they have still not managed to draw a sober breath. This is because the only change the individual has made is to stop drinking and taking drugs. The reasons for why they fell into this behaviour in the first place are still there, and this means that they are prey to using new maladaptive behaviours.

The goal of rehab is to help the individual break away completely from addictive behaviour. This means that they will need to develop new skills and strategies for dealing with life. It often usually involves developing a new outlook on life. When the person does this they are not only physically sober but they also become emotionally and mentally sober as well.

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