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One of the things that can prevent those who have fallen into addiction in Lossiemouth from recovering is that they feel powerless and incapable of escaping their situation. This learned helplessness occurs because the individual has developed low self esteem as a result of their addiction. One of the worst things about addiction is that it steals the person’s self respect and self worth. The individual can even begin to believe that they deserve the suffering that they are now ensuring. It is therefore vital that people receive help so that they no longer feel so helpless and alone. One of the best options for receiving this type of help will be alcohol and drug rehab.

Rebuilding Self Esteem in Recovery

In order for the individual to escape learned helplessness and begin rebuilding their self esteem they will need to take a leap of faith initially. This means that they develop the belief that they not only can get better, but that they have the ability to make this happen. The action needed here is for the person to become willing to enter rehab so that they can begin rebuilding their self esteem. While in this facility the individual will begin by achieving small successes, but this will lead them onto greater things. Eventually the individual will enjoy much higher self esteem, and this will be of benefit to them in their new life away from substance abuse. While people from Lossiemouth are staying in drug rehabs they have to be willing to take charge of their own recovery. This means breaking away from learned helplessness and understanding that they do have the power to change. One of the great things about accepting this ability is that in the future the person will be empowered to change other things in their life that they are not happy about.

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