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Stinking thinking is a mental attitude that can prevent people from recovering from addiction problems. It is vital that anyone dealing with substance abuse in Fochabers is aware of the dangers of this type of thinking so that they can avoid it. The most common symptoms associated with stinking thinking would include:

  • The individual does not believe that it will be possible for them to escape addiction. In fact they believe that any attempt to do so will be doomed from the start.
  • This person will have a pessimistic outlook on life. They believe that no matter what they do that things will turn out bad for them.
  • The individual is likely to be very cynical about their recovery options. They will dismiss things like drug counselling and alcohol and drug treatment centres without giving them a try. They will believe that everyone working in the recovery community is either a fraud or incompetent.
  • When people are caught in stinking thinking they will usually be very judgemental of other people. They will always be able to find other people’s faults and they will be able to focus on these.
  • The individual will try to encourage other people to think as negatively as them. This means that they can be a real danger to other newcomers in recovery because their negativity can be infectious.
  • This person will enjoy seeing other people fail because it makes them feel less bad about their own failures. If they hear that somebody else has relapsed they will see this as vindication for their pessimistic views about recovery.

If people in Fochabers allow stinking thinking to take them over it will prevent them from recovering from addiction. It is therefore vital that the individual looks out for these symptoms of negativity and overcomes these.

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