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When people from Elgin are dealing with an addiction problem they will usually benefit from some type of drug counselling. This can occur as an outpatient, but in order to get the most from this type of counselling it is often preferable to have it during some type of drug and alcohol rehab. This will mean that the individual will be fully focused on their recovery so they will be able to get the most from the sessions. One of the things that the person will want to look at during these drug counselling sessions will be the causes of addiction. It may not be possible to get an exact reason, but the causes could include things like:

  • Some individuals fall into addiction because they grew up in an environment where such behaviour was considered normal. This means that the person did not see anything unusual in substance abuse and this made it easy for them to slip into addiction.
  • There are some people who are genetically predisposed to addiction. This means that they have a history of this in their family and it is passed to them in their genes. Just because the individual has an inherited tendency towards this behaviour does not mean that they need to become addicted.
  • Another common reason for why people fall into addiction is that they are dealing with a dual diagnosis. This means that they have a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety alongside their addiction. They will have turned to alcohol and drugs as a form of self medication.
  • The individual may turn to this behaviour in order to escape some type of emotional trauma.

Once people from Elgin understand the reasons for why they fell into addiction it should be easier for them to break away from this behaviour.

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