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When people in Newtown enter a rehab facility for drug and alcohol problems they will need to work hard in order to get the most from the program. It is not really possible to enter this type of facility and learn by osmosis. This is because even the best rehab in the world will be only able to provide the individual with the resources they need. It will then be up to the person to make the best use of these resources. The client in this type of facility is not a passive recipient of care. They need to take control of their recovery in order to succeed.

Taking Responsibility for Addiction Treatment

Entering a drug and alcohol rehab is not enough to guarantee escape from addiction. The only thing that can guarantee this is the individual’s motivation and determination to get better. It is therefore best to look upon the therapists and other rehab workers as being part of a team – a team that the client is going to lead. Their mission will be the same but it is the individual who will ultimately suffer the consequences of the team’s failure, so they have to be fully motivated to do what is right for them. If people enter rehab with the idea that they can put in minimal effort but walk out of the facility recovered they are likely to end up disappointed. This is not how recovery works. There is nobody going to bully the person into being sober and doing the right things. This is because such a method would be ineffective because there will be nobody to continue such coaching in the real world. The individual from Newtown needs to lead their own recovery right from the beginning because at the end of the day it is all going to be in their own hands.

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