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One of the most common reasons for why people in Machynlleth might end up requiring drug and alcohol rehab is that they have been self medicating. This is a situation where the individual falls into substance abuse because they find that these chemicals help them deal with life a bit better. In the beginning these substances do seem to be making a positive difference but over time they actually make things much worse of the individual. It is therefore vital that people in Machynlleth who have been self medicating ending this behaviour because once they are caught in the downward spiral of addiction they can lose everything. Probably the best option for ending this type of problem is to enter a drug and alcohol rehab.

Reasons for Self Medicating

The most common reasons for why people end up self medicating with alcohol and drugs would include:

  • The individual is dealing with some type of mental health problem such as depression or chronic anxiety. In many cases the individual will not be aware of their diagnosis – they just realise that they have symptoms and that alcohol or drugs provides temporary relief. What this person will not know is that this relief comes with a terrible price because they will be actually making the situation worse. The individual gets caught in a vicious cycle of having to drink or use more drugs to escape the increasing problems caused by their addiction.
  • It seems that some people are genetically predisposed to this type of problem. There are also people who grew up in an environment where substance abuse was considered normal behaviour to self medicate their problems.
  • Those individuals who have suffered emotional trauma can turn to alcohol and drugs for solace. This means that they are not dealing with these issues but only hiding from them.

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