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The decision to attend a luxury rehab can be a good one for people in Llanidloes. Even if the individual is likely to be given an NHS rehab bed there are still some very good reasons for why they might wish to go private such as:

  • By entering a private rehab the individual will be able to benefit from more and better facilities.
  • This type of program will be able to offer higher levels of comfort than a standard rehab. This is important because the individual may find it easier to deal with things if they are in the right type of environment.
  • There are some discomforts of early recovery that are avoidable and some that are not. By entering a private rehab facility the individual will be able to avoid most of those discomforts that are preventable.
  • In many of the public rehab faculties the individual will be expected to share sleeping quarters with other people. Those individuals who prefer solitude can find this to be particularly difficult. By entering a luxury facility the individual will usually have their own room. They may even have their own bathroom as well as other amenities such as a fridge and kettle in the room.
  • There is usually a much better client to therapist ratio in these private facilities. This means that the individual will be able to get enough time to fully dig down into their issues and to begin planning for the future.
  • It is common for this type of place to have extra activities such as yoga, gym, swimming, massage, and aromatherapy.
  • The fact that there tends to be a lower client population at these places means that the individual can have better access to the resources. Some public facilities do offer things like massage but this resource will be stretched to meet the needs of many.

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