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Drug and alcoholic support for families is available in Monmouth. It can be very important that such addiction help is taken advantage of because this condition is often referred to as a family disease. This means that it not only impacts the individual but also their whole family. Here are just some of the reasons for why families in Monmouth are likely to need help when dealing with substance abuse:

  • Even if the substance abuser agrees to enter drug and alcohol rehab it does not necessarily mean that all will be well for the family. This is because the family will have adapted to living with a substance abuser by developing certain coping strategies and in many instances such strategies will be ineffective. If the family continues to use maladaptive means of coping it will cause them to suffer even after their loved one has become sober.
  • Just because the individual has given up alcohol or drugs does not always mean that their behaviour is going to be perfect right away. The first few weeks and months of recovery can be difficult and the family may need support during this type so that they can deal with this new situation.
  • It is likely that members of the family will have suffered as a result of the addiction. This means that will still have trauma that has not been dealt with. When the substance abuser agrees to enter a drug and alcohol rehab it will mean that all the attention will then be on them. This means that the rest of family will not be getting their issues managed. This is one of the main reasons for why drug and alcoholic support for families is often required.
  • In order for the family to function well again as a unit they are likely to need some advice and support.

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