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Detox clinics can offer far more than just helping the individual make it through their withdrawal symptoms. These facilities are usually part of a drug and alcohol rehab centre, and this is where the real work of recovery begins. Most individuals will find that making it through withdrawals is straightforward and not much worse than the symptoms of a common cold. Even those individuals who are dealing with severe symptoms will have these managed in detox so that they are not too unpleasant. Getting sober will be the easy part, but it is living a life in sobriety that is going to be the difficult part. This is why it is recommended that people dealing with addiction in Cwmbran choose a suitable rehab facility.

Learning About Relapse Triggers in Rehab

One of the most important things that people from Cwmbran will need to learn during their stay in rehab will be how to deal with relapse triggers. These are things that happen in early recovery that make the individual more likely to drink or use drugs again. The most common types of relapse triggers include:

  • The four most talked about triggers for relapse are hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness. These can be easily remembered using the acronym HALT.
  • If people have unrealistic expectations for their recovery then this can lead to disappointment which is another common relapse trigger. It is important that the individual understands that recovery will involve lows as well as highs.
  • If people feel bored in recovery they are likely to start thinking again about using alcohol and drugs. This is why it is so important that the individual finds meaningful things to do with their time.
  • Becoming over confident can also be a relapse trigger because it means that the individual is not taking things seriously enough.

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