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When people try to give up an addiction their attitude will greatly determine their likelihood of being successful. If the individual has the wrong type of attitude it will prevent them from getting the most out of addiction rehab. Even if this person is able to go to the best rehab in the country their success might still not be likely because their attitude is working against them. It is therefore vital that those individuals in Blackwood who are trying to end an addiction look carefully at their own attitude to the process – in particular they will want to avoid the trap of stinking thinking.

The Trap of Stinking Thinking

The worst type of attitude that people can take with them into a drug or alcohol rehab is often referred to as stinking thinking. This means that the individual is dealing with the following types of behaviour:

  • They are pessimistic about their chances of ending the addiction. In fact the person may believe that this project is doomed to failure. If people expect to fail then the chances are that they will do this.
  • Those individuals who are caught up in stinking thinking tend to be highly judgemental of other people. They will not trust the therapist in rehab and find it difficult to get along with the other clients.
  • The person will be closed minded about any new ideas. They feel that they already have all the answers so they are unlikely to learn much in a detox clinic.
  • The person will be constantly negative about things. No matter how well things are going for them they will find a reason to complain.

Stinking thinking is a real liability for people in Blackwood who are trying to break away from addiction. Is important that they are able to spot the symptoms of this behaviour and overcome it.

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