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One of the things that can prevent people in Abergavenny from recovering from an addiction problem is the person’s failure to take responsibility for their own sobriety. There is nobody else that will be able to do the work for the individual. They have to take charge of their own destiny in order to ensure their own success. Even if the individual goes to the best rehab in the world it will not be able to help them unless they are willing to put the right effort into it. The problem is that many substance abusers develop learned helplessness, and this means that they can end up expecting other people to sort out their problems for them.

Learned Helplessness and Self Esteem in Addiction

When people fall into addiction it harms their self esteem. The individual will feel guilty about their behaviour, but the fact that their self esteem is low means that they feel powerless to do anything about it. Worst of all is that low self esteem will often mean that the individual feels like they deserve to be living this type of life. It is the feeling of being resigned to addiction and powerless that causes the individual to develop learned helplessness.

It is vital that people in Abergavenny who are trying to overcome an addiction learn to overcome any learned helplessness they may have developed. They can do this by taking a leap of faith. The individual has to believe that a better life is possible for them, and that they do have the ability to make this a reality. The individual can create a snowball effect as their self esteem grows. While the individual is in rehab they can experience small successes, and this gives them momentum to enjoy even bigger successes in the future.

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