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There are a number of drug and alcoholic treatment options available for people who live in Penicuik. In many instances it will be advisable for the individual to spend some time in rehab. The main reasons for why this can be so important will include:

  • If people receive this type of help it will mean that they will be committing themselves more to recovery. It is easy for the individual to make promises to quit but by entering rehab they will be committing themselves to a higher degree.
  • One of the benefits of staying in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre is that it means that the individual will be protected from temptations during their first few weeks of recovery. This is important because once the individual makes it through this early period their chances of being successful will greatly increase.
  • The individual in Penicuik who understands about relapse prevention and relapse triggers will be better prepared to deal with recovery. This type of knowledge will be most easy to pick up by staying in a rehab as much of the training is focused on this.
  • When people stay in this type of facility they will be surrounded by other clients who will be on a common path. This means that they will have plenty of support and encouragement, and they are likely to form friendships that will last much longer than rehab.
  • A stay in this type of program gives the individual the opportunity to seriously consider their future and make plans. They will be helped in this endeavour by a therapist.
  • When the individual is staying in rehab they will not have to worry about everyday worries and concerns. This means that they can be completely focused on ending their addiction, and this will increase their chances of being successful.

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