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Early recovery can be an emotional time for those who are trying to break away from addiction treatment. The individual may find that they are dealing with extremes of mood, and this is why early recovery is sometimes referred to as an emotional rollercoaster.  This type of challenge can be difficult to deal with in early recovery, and this is why it is often recommended that people consider some type of addiction treatment option like rehab. This is a good choice for people trying to break away from addiction in Edinburgh because it will give them the support they need during those difficult early days.

Dealing with the Emotional Rollercoaster of Early Recovery

One of the keys to dealing with the mood swings of early recovery is to have plenty of support. This will be easier for those individuals who have entered an alcohol and drug rehab clinic or who belong to a recovery fellowship. The experience of the emotional rollercoaster can include:

  • The individual may find that there mood can change significantly within a short period of time.
  • The person may find that their emotions are stronger than before.
  • The emotions can be so intense sometimes that the individual feels a bit overwhelmed.

The reasons for why people from Edinburgh recovering from addiction will experience these mood swings includes:

  • The individual will have been numbing their emotions for many years and now things need to thaw out. There can be a rebound effect.
  • The individual will be faced with many challenges in early recovery, and this can make things a bit stressful.
  • The person may have guilt about things that happened during their addiction, and this can also cause them to have mood swings.
  • The person may be dealing with post acute withdrawal symptoms.

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