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Drug and alcoholic rehabilitation for people in Dalkeith can give these individuals a completely new start in life. The person will be able to put the mistakes of the past behind them and start again. Amazing things can happen when people walk away from substance abuse. People deserve second chances, and there are many fine examples of those who completely reinvented themselves in recovery. These were individuals who were once considered hopeless cases but went on to become respected members of the community and loved by their families in recovery. It is vital that people in Dalkeith understand that real change is possible in sobriety, and that they will have the ability to make this change happen.

Addiction and Low Self Esteem

One of the most harmful things about addiction is that it robs a person of their own self esteem. This means that they become fully trapped in the substance abuse because they begin to feel that they deserve this type of life. The fact that the individual has low self esteem means that they feel powerless and undeserving of recovery. It is therefore vital that the individual is able to see beyond this and have faith that a good life is going to be possible for them. Once the individual is in recovery and making progress they will slowly begin to rebuild their self esteem.

It does often take a leap of faith initially, but it is definitely possible for people to go on and build a great life away from addiction. It would be unrealistic to expect things to become great overnight, and it will take a good deal of time and effort. If the individual tries to make everything perfect right away there are heading for disappointment and disillusionment. The goal is progress and not perfection, and this is certainly something that anyone can achieve.


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