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Those people in Bonnyrigg who are in need of drug and alcoholic help may be feeling pessimistic about the future. This is because they may have reached a point where they know that they have to stop their substance abuse, but they do not believe that they will be able to enjoy in sobriety. This type of thinking hides the actual reality because when people do become sober they really can live a great life. Here are just a few things that people in Bonnyrigg will want to consider in regards to recovery and happiness:

  • The idea that recovery is boring is a myth. Once the individual has made it through the first few months of addiction treatment they will have a new world open to them. It is actually the life of the addicted individual that is boring and predictable because their movements are determined by the availability of alcohol and drugs. In recovery the individual will have the whole world to explore and enjoy.
  • The energy that the individual put into dealing with the substance abuse can now be put to better uses. In recovery it is often the case that the individual becomes a highly motivated and capable person. It is not uncommon for these individuals to go on and live a life beyond their wildest dreams once they put their inner determination to good uses.
  • When people become sober they get the opportunity to find things that they really enjoy. This could include things like a satisfying career, meaningful relationships, and hobbies.
  • When the individual is trapped in addiction they are in a downward spiral. The longer they stay addicted the worse things will get for them. When people break away from substance abuse they will usually find that their life is moving in the opposite direction.

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