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Need to Break Away from Addiction in Midlothian

If alcohol or drug abuse just made people happy there would be no need for them to give it up. In fact it might even be considered a bit unfair to ask them to give up. The reality is though, that substance abuse does not provide a path to happiness. If the individual is unable to break away from addiction it will cause them to experience a great deal of suffering. Some of the reasons for why people need to break away from addiction would include:

• When people become dependent on alcohol or drugs they get swept up in a downward spiral. The individual is still likely to have good days and bad days (although the good days will get fewer and fewer) but over any significant period of time it will be obvious that the person’s life is deteriorating. This means that the longer the person waits to end the addiction the more they will end up losing.

• Addiction is a life threatening condition. If the person is unable to break away from this behaviour it will kill them unless they die for some other reason first. Giving up addiction is a very serious business because the person’s life will depend on it.

• By remaining caught in addiction the person will be living well below their potential. This means that they will be missing out on happiness and a rewarding life. Nobody deserves the pain of addiction, so it does not make sense that anyone would choose it.

• If it were just the individual who suffered as a result of their addiction, they might be able to claim that it was up to them to do what they wanted. The reality is that their actions do not just have consequences for them but also for their dependents and other loved ones. It is often children who suffer the most as a result of addiction. It is not fair that one person’s behaviour should be allowed to cause so much suffering for other people. The addict’s behaviour will also have negative consequences for society as a whole.

• Addiction involves a great deal of suffering and misery. The worst thing is that this is all completely avoidable. The individual may not be responsible for falling into addiction, but they are certainly responsible for getting themselves out of this mess.

Courage to Break Away From Addiction

It does take a good deal of courage to break away from an addiction. In most instances though, the individual will not feel like they have much choice in the matter. The person will see the writing on the wall and realise that if they do not stop soon they will lose everything. This stage of affairs is often referred to as hitting rock bottom. It is important that those people in Midlothian who are trying to break away from addiction realise that it is not necessary for them to fall low into addiction in order to break away from this self destructive behaviour. It is possible for the individual to have a high rock bottom, and this means that they will actually end up losing very little.

The Reality of the Rock Bottom

There can be a bit of confusion as to what is meant by rock bottom. Some people believe that this means that the individual needs to lose everything before they will be ready to quit the addiction, but this is not what is meant at all. The reality is that rock bottom really means that the individual has just reached a point have had enough – they have become sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. It is not necessary for this person to reach any particular low in addiction before they decide that they have had enough. In many cases the individual will realise what is going early in their addiction, and this will then be there personal rock bottom.

One way of thinking about hitting rock bottom is to compare it to a lift going down in a building. The passengers inside can get off at any floor, and as the lift descends and the doors open on each floor the person inside can see that each floor is getting dingier and dingier. Once the individual spots the pattern of what is happening they will not need to go all the way down to the bottom floor. They can already see that something bad is waiting for them so they leave the next opportunity that they get – this current floor. It is in this way that people can have a high rock bottom for their addiction. They will escape future suffering and be able to begin rebuilding their life early.

It is completely up to each person to decide that they have already hit their rock bottom. The idea that the individual needs to wait until they lose everything before they can benefit from addiction treatment options like rehab is wrong. There is no sweet spot in the addiction downward spiral where staying sober becomes easy. The only point at which people can give up is right now, and they will already have lost enough.

If people in Midlothian have reached their personal rock bottom they will have plenty of options for how to escape their addiction. Those who are considering alcohol and drug rehabilitations centres can contact us here on this website for more information and advice.

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A Vision for You

There is a chapter in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous called “A Vision for You” that lists all the benefits of a life in recovery. There is no doubt that so long as the individual makes an effort at recovery they can look forward to some great things. Here are just some of the potential benefits:

  • No regret about the past
  • The ability to deal with life on life’s terms
  • The ability to live fearlessly
  • No more financial concerns
  • The ability to be of service to other people
  • Improved self esteem
  • A satisfying life
  • Inner peace and serenity
  • Respect from family, friends, and people in the community
  • Happiness

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