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Those people in Harrow who are dealing with substance abuse problems can easily fall into despair and desperation. One of the negative effects of this type of problem is that it robs the individual of their self esteem and confidence. This means that they feel trapped and hopeless. The person’s self worth can fall so low as a result of their addiction that they begin to think that they deserve this type of life, and that they cannot hope for anything better. One of the main goals of alcohol and drug treatment centres for people in Harrow is to help the person rebuild their self esteem because:

  • If the individual does not believe that they have the power to end the addiction it will be highly unlikely that they will be able to do so. This is because the person will create a self fulfilling prophecy where the act of predicting something makes it come true. It is vital that the individual believes in their own ability to make a success of recovery.
  • If people have low self esteem they will be prepared to accept very little in life. This is not a good thing because it means that the individual is prepared to accept terrible conditions. It is only when the person understands that they do deserve better that they will be able to get better.

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  • People with low self esteem tend to not only hurt themselves but also other people. In fact a common problem is that these individuals will expect way too much from other people and not enough for from themselves.
  • If the person has low self esteem they will be more likely to relapse back to addiction. This means that they may have lost their only opportunity to live a good life because there is no guarantee that the person will ever develop the motivation to quit again.

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