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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Sefton

Addiction Helper helps people of all walks of life into different types of drug & alcohol rehab in Sefton. We understand people suffer with all types of addiction, including drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and other process addictions such a gambling food and debt.

Sefton is a metropolitan borough of Merseyside with a population of around 274,000, yet according to 2012 data from the Department of Health, the number of people affected by alcohol in the area was almost 75,000. This included over fifty thousand who were classed as hazardous drinkers, fourteen thousand harmful or high-risk drinkers and more than nine-and-a-half thousand people with a dependency on alcohol.

Drug abuse is also a major problem; for that reason, alcohol & drug rehab is an essential service. We work in close collaboration with providers in the public and private sector to ensure that services can be quickly and easily accessed.

Recognising That Addiction Exists

For many addicts, it can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that addiction is a real problem in their lives. In the case of alcohol especially, those who have developed a dependency often do not see it as such.

These individuals may be aware that they are drinking a bit more than before, but if questioned about their drinking habits, they would vehemently deny the idea of them having an addiction. Many would think it absurd to even suggest such a thing. These people will tell themselves that they could easily stop drinking if this was what they wanted.

It is usually family members or friends that can see the signs first, and they will often deny the problem exists too because there is still a certain shame and stigma attached to the illness. To think that someone they love could be classed as an addict would be embarrassing, so they will deny it for as long as possible.

As the subject is a taboo one, many are unaware of how to handle the situation and do not know the best way to bring it up. Remember, most addicts will deny they have a problem even if they know it to be true deep down. It is essential to break down the barrier of addiction, however, as that is the only way the addict can move forward.

Starting with Detox

The first step on the road to recovery is admitting the problem exists. After that, the affected individual will be in a position to begin treatment, which generally starts with detox. Detox is the name given to the process of quitting drugs or alcohol and then waiting for the chemicals and toxins to be completely expelled from the body.

As detox carries the risk of withdrawal symptoms, it is always best to opt for a supervised detox programme. Addiction Helper can put you in touch with a suitable detox facility in Sefton or the surrounding area for your needs.

Accessing Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities in Sefton

If you live in Sefton and are affected by alcohol or drugs, you will be glad to know that there are a number of organisations operating in and around your area. These organisations include private clinics, local support groups, the NHS, and charities.

When it comes to NHS-funded programmes, you may find that there is a long waiting list, just as there is in many other parts of the country. This is because the demand often outweighs supply. The good news is that there are many other organisations staffed by dedicated and passionate individuals who want to help as many people with addiction as possible.

Accessing drug and alcohol rehab facilities is easy thanks to addiction treatment directories. We have compiled a database filled with information about the various addiction treatment providers all over the UK. We regularly update this information to ensure that all of our clients are accessing information relevant to their requirements.

Types of Alcohol and Drug Rehab Services in Sefton

Sefton is home to a number o services, and providers typically offer detoxification, outpatient programmes and residential programmes. Some facilities combine detoxification with rehab so that patients can move from one programme to the other seamlessly.

Inpatient programmes tend to run for around six to eight weeks, during which time the patient will stay within the facility and will receive constant care and support from fully trained counsellors, therapists and support staff. Inpatient treatment is designed to offer a concentrated and intensive approach to addiction treatment, allowing patients to recover away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Outpatient programmes follow the same principles and treatment strategies as inpatient programmes but without the need for an overnight stay. Some of these programmes will require the patient to attend for a set number of hours every day while others are run for a few hours each week over a much longer period.

If you are an affected individual, then the type of rehab you choose will be determined by a number of factors including the severity of your addiction, general health, underlying medical problems, personal and work commitments, and budget.

Call us today for an in-depth assessment of your illness, which will give you a clearer picture of what you are dealing with and the type of treatment that we believe will work best for you. We can then recommend a number of treatment providers where you can access the treatments you need to overcome your addiction.

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We Can Help You End Addiction

If you are dealing with an addiction problem in Sefton, we will almost certainly be able to help you. Our experienced team will be able to offer you advice on detox and your rehab options. We will be able to work with you to create a treatment plan that will take you from the misery of addiction to becoming firmly established in recovery. Many of our team have experienced it personally, and they will understand where you are coming from. Do not waste any time – contact us right now for advice.

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