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When people who are dealing with addiction problems in Harlech become ready for drug and alcoholic help, they deserve to feel good about things. Early recovery is an exciting time with plenty of positive things to look forward to. The individual may have fallen low in the past but now they have the opportunity to turn things completely around. They can make up for past mistakes and live the type of life they have always dreamed of having. There are many reasons to feel high on life but people in Harlech who are in early recovery will need to be careful of feeling too good. This is because the highs can be as dangerous to the individuals as the lows because the person might get caught up in pink cloud syndrome.

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The Dangers of Pink Cloud Syndrome

The usual reaction that people will have when they hear about pink cloud syndrome is to see it as an unnecessary worry. They may even wonder if the person talking about it is just being a spoil sport. The reality is that this type of syndrome can be dangerous to people in early recovery because:

  • The fact that the person is so happy may mean that they begin to question their problems. They may believe that this is a sign that they are cured, and that it will be now safe for them to return to alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Another potential danger is that the person may take things for granted because their life is going so well. Those people who take things for granted are the most likely to relapse because they stop doing the right things.
  • The individual who is on a pink cloud can hit the earth with a bang, and this can make them feel disillusioned. They may use the fact that they are no long so happy as an excuse to relapse.

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