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It is often the case that those people in Dolgellau who have fallen into addiction will have done so in an attempt to self medicate. This means that they were dealing with things that were making their life uncomfortable, but they found that by using alcohol or drugs it seemed to make things feel a bit better. The reason for why people in Dolgellau are likely to fall into the trap of self medication is that it does seem to work in the beginning. The individual will initially feel like their life is improving, but these benefits are only short lived. As the person falls into substance abuse any benefits they initially enjoyed will disappear, and the problems associated with addiction will increase.

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Reasons for Self Medication

There are a number of potential reasons for why people will fall into the trap of self medication including:

  • In some cases the individual will have an undiagnosed mental health problem such as depression or anxiety disorder. Substance abuse can initially make these symptoms feel lighter.
  • The individual may have poor coping skills, and this means that they find life a real struggle to deal with. The use of alcohol and drugs can give the person an illusionary feeling of control over their life.
  • The person may have experienced some type of emotional trauma and they turn to these substances as a form of escape. The problem is that the person is not dealing with their issues they are just hiding from them. The substance abuse will mean that the individual ends up with more things to deal with than when they started.

It is important that people who are self medicating receive addiction treatment so that they can end this behaviour. In many cases the best option will be for the person to enter some type of rehab.

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