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One of the most important lessons that people need to learn in rehab is how to begin chipping away at their flaws of character. All humans have these flaws, but in the case of people recovering from an addiction they can be particularly detrimental. It will not be necessary for the person to become some type of living saint, but they will need to overcome the worst of their flaws in order to be able to build a life away from addiction. It is important that those people from Blaenau Ffestiniog who are preparing to enter a rehab facility are ready to make these big changes to how they interact with the world.

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Overcoming Character Flaws that Impede Recovery

The type of character flaws that people need to begin working on in rehab and in early recovery are those things that are likely to pull them back to addiction. This then would include such things as:

  • It is common for people who are caught in addiction to be impulsive. This means that they do things first and worry about the consequences later. A little bit of impulsiveness can actually be a good thing, but in the case of those who are dealing with an addiction it can be a real drawback because they could easily relapse without considering the consequences.
  • Another danger for people who are trying to break away from addiction is that they will have a cynical attitude. If people are closed minded and cynical it makes it difficult for them to take on new information. This means that they will not be able to pick up the skills they need in order to achieve a solid and lasting recovery.
  • Negative thinking is another character flaw that people need to eliminate in order to progress in recovery.

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