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The reasons for why people in Bala might end up requiring addiction treatment will vary greatly. These days it is becoming increasingly common for people to become addicted to prescription medication. This is where the drugs that the individual is taking will have been prescribed in the beginning so they will have had good reason to take them. There are also people who fall into addiction because they are trying to self medicate or because they believe such behaviour is normal. One of the other common reasons for why people in Bala might fall into addiction is that they are dealing with an addictive personality.

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Rehab for the Addictive Personality

It is important to emphasise that ideas about the addictive personality are not a reliable scientific theory. They just refer to a number of characteristics that people who fall into this type of problem tend to share. It is often the goal of alcohol and drug rehab to help the person begin breaking away from these self destructive personality traits. These characteristics can include things like:

  • A tendency towards impulsive behaviour
  • The individual is attracted to risk taking behaviour
  • The person may be dealing with low self esteem
  • They will often be dealing with symptoms of depression
  • People who fall into substance abuse will usually have a subjective belief that they are dealing with a great deal of stress in their own life. The reality usually is that they just do not have the tools for dealing with stress.
  • The person will usually value non conformity. This means that believe that rebelling against society is a cool thing to do, and they view their substance abuse as a form of rebellion.
  • They will often be prone to attention seeking behaviours – they tend to always be in the midst of some disaster.

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