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Seeking Help for Addiction in Tower Hamlets 

Anyone who has a problem with alcohol or drugs – be they prescription or otherwise – will need to look for professional help at some time or another.  It is really the decision of the individual to admit that they are having problems and get the help that they surely need.  However, there is some good news because if they choose just the right rehab centre in Tower Hamlets then they can be practically assured of getting the help they deserve.  There are several options when it comes to treatment so contact us on 0800 024 1475 for advice on finding the right one.

Choosing a Rehab Centre

There are many different ways to treat addiction, and some of these are listed below:

  • For those who are addicted, some centres will offer the complete package and start a detox programme as soon as the person is admitted.  In other centres, they expect the individual to have already done this first stage of recovery.
  • Every treatment centre will certainly have their own idea on what the individuals have to go through.  For example, Alcoholics Anonymous uses the 12-step programme and some rehab centres follow this same path.  Other centres will have a different policy but all have the same goal in mind.
  • Different centres have different rules, with some being for one sex only.  Others may not take people under a certain age or vice versa.  If there is also a question of mental health problems along with the addiction then some centres are not equipped to deal with this.
  • Some centres will cater for inpatients, while others are strictly outpatient.  Inpatient offers a much more effective regime but some people have commitments that will not allow this.
  • The number of people in the rehab centre at any given time will almost certainly vary from just a few to a dozen or more.  The smaller the number of people being treated, the more intense the programme will be.  Larger facilities give more support amongst the attendees, though, and lifelong friendships are sometimes forged in this way.
  • Some rehabs can be rather exclusive and luxurious but it stands to reason that these will be more expensive.  Facilities could include single rooms, TVs, gyms or other such ‘luxury’ surroundings that some people do not want to live without.  By calling us, individuals can find out what is on offer in Tower Hamlets.
  • Foreign rehab centres can sometimes offer rates that are more economical and this is becoming increasingly popular.  They sometimes offer different kinds of options not found in the home country.

Featured Tower Hamlets Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Get Expert Advice

It goes without saying that everyone needs advice on how to find the right rehab centre in the Tower Hamlets area when he or she realizes that they have a problem with addiction.  One quick, no obligation, call to us on 0800 024 1475 will give us a chance to help you find a suitable treatment centre for your particular problem.