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Addiction Solutions in Newham 

Some people are able to leave addiction far behind them and start to move in a positive way into the future.  Being realistic though, there are not many people who are able to do this on their own.  Just by cutting out the drugs or alcohol is not the end of the problem, and relapses are commonplace.  Even individuals that have been clean for years can fall back off the wagon at some point, so it is vital to get professional help before this occurs.  Call us on 0800 024 1475 for information on how we can help those individuals in the Newham area.

Which Rehab is the Right One? 

For the individual to benefit from any treatment, he or she will probably best be served as an inpatient at a rehab centre.  These centres have various programmes on offer, with certain centres having their own preferences on who they will treat (in terms of age and sex), and some will have longer programmes than others.

Probably the first step to take is to work out what kind of treatments is available at the different centres.  Some centres will use the 12-step programme used by Alcoholics Anonymous but some will have a different method of treating their clients.  One or the other option will not suit everyone though, so it is important to get advice on which one will suit the individual.  Call us on 0800 024 1475 for this kind of information and more.

Some centres will use cognitive behavioural therapy while others will use an element of education.  What they are trying to do is impart enough knowledge so that the individual can understand why they have turned to this kind of destructive behaviour.

Many of the rehabs will have different levels of comfort or luxury.  It goes without saying that those that have single rooms and, for example, flat screen TVs, are obviously going to be more expensive than shared rooms.  Finding a rehab that only takes a limited number of individuals as inpatients is perhaps the most intense way of getting treated but the larger ones also have their own advantages.  For example, an individual can gain a new network of friends who will be supportive during the treatment procedure.

When it comes to treatment centres and rehabs, the best advice would probably be to attend the best one that people can afford, but also to look around beforehand and compare the different centres.  You can call us on 0800 024 1475 to get all the necessary advice and information on choosing treatment centres.

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Finding the Right Rehab is Easy

Finding the right rehab in Newham is easy with our help.  We have all the important information about what is available within Newham and its environs and we offer a no obligation consultation to ensure people find exactly the right centre for their situation.  We are able to offer this sort of advice because many of our staff have had personal experiences with abuse problems.