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Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Harringay

Even though making the decision to go to rehab in Harringay or elsewhere can be difficult, there is nothing as difficult as living the rest of your life as an addict. When left untreated, addiction to drugs or alcohol can do irreparable damage. From destroying relationships with friends and family to ruining one’s professional and social standing, addiction is something that has a tendency to wreak havoc on a person’s life. For the addicted individual, getting help should come as a welcomed relief. Deciding on drug or alcohol rehab in Harringay is a choice that could ultimately save a person’s life. Battling addiction isn’t something a person should ever face alone. Going to rehab can help.

When a person decides to go to rehab, they are really doing something that will undoubtedly change their life. No one should continue living in an addicted state. Even if a person thinks their issues with substance abuse isn’t serious enough to warrant a trip to rehab, the truth is anyone with substance abuse issues can benefit from getting help. Drug and alcohol addiction is nothing to mess around with. Even if a person has a habit that “isn’t that bad”, it is most often only a matter of time before their abuse of drugs or alcohol becomes worse.

Why Go to Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Harringay

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, then you know that addiction is much more than using a substance more than you should. Addiction is a multi-faceted condition that most often requires professional help in order for a person to overcome it. When a person chooses to go to alcohol or drug rehab in Harringay, they are doing what is necessary to ensure that every aspect of their addiction is treated in a professional manner. Going to rehab offers a person exactly what they need in order to successfully prevail over their addictive tendencies for good.

Before an individual can be treated for addiction, they must go through the (often very painful) physical withdrawal process. Depending on the severity of a person’s addiction, detoxing from drugs or alcohol can make them extremely sick. When a person goes to rehab, the first thing that is addressed is physical withdrawal. They are monitored as the drugs or alcohol leave their body, with medical professionals there to assist through the entire process. For severe addictions, medication may be administered to make the process run more smoothly. Going to alcohol or drug rehab in Harringay (or anywhere else) will ensure that the individual makes it through this often very difficult first step of overcoming their addiction.

Different Types of Rehab

It is easy to become overwhelmed when first looking for a rehab in Harringay. This is because of the many different options a person finds when performing a simple search. Addiction is a widespread problem, and one that is increasing every year. For this reason, there are an exorbitant number of rehabs to choose from. When a person first makes the decision to get treatment they will have to decide whether they want to attend a private rehab in Harringay…or if going to an outpatient centre would be better for them. Private and outpatient rehab are the two main types of rehab options in the area, with various treatment centres falling under each separate option.

How to Choose a Drug or Alcohol Rehab

When making the decision to go to rehab in Harringay or afar, it is important to keep a few things in mind before making the final decision. Going to rehab is something that will change your life, and knowing how to choose the best rehab to fit your needs is vital if you are to see the success you desire. Keeping the following things in mind are important as you make this life changing decision.

  • How long the programme lasts-this can range from a week up to a couple of years. The length of a person’s stay in rehab will be dependent on their own personal needs. The average length of a stay in rehab is approximately 28 days.
  • With some rehab centres, detox is part of the package. Others will expect the individual to undertake some of the responsibility of getting past this stage before they enter rehab.
  • Whether outpatient or private rehab would be a better fit. Different people have different needs when it comes to getting help, which is why both options are readily available.
  • Who the treatment is geared toward. Some rehabs will be geared specifically toward women, while others will only treat one type of addiction. There are also rehab centres that will only take people over the age of 18, with other options suited towards teens.
  • Different centres will have different methods of treatment, with some, among others following the 12-step method as advocated by organisations such as AA. The result should be the same as long as the individual is committed to getting better.
  • If the rehab will cater to a person’s specific needs. Everyone has a different story when it comes to addiction and some people will require more from a rehab than others. Whether this is a rehab where a parent can bring their child, or a facility that allows someone visits from friends and family, it is important that a person’s needs are met in order for them to optimally recover.
  • The level of comfort at the rehab facility. In order for a person to successfully recover from addiction, they must be in a comfortable environment. Anything otherwise will impede their success.
  • There are luxury rehabs available these days that have, among other things, single rooms and TV’s. Some will even have fitness rooms available to aid recovery to a better life.  The smaller and more economic rehabs will expect two people to share a room, for example, and will want the residents to undertake their own housework and cooking duties.
  • Rehabs also differ in size, with some being small and homely while others are larger and more upscale. The smaller ones tend to be more intensive in their treatment regimes, but the larger ones usually have better resources and also offer more companionship in terms of other patients to support the treatment.

These are but a few things to think about before deciding on a rehab in Harringay. We are here to help answer any questions you might have and are happy to walk you through the entire process of choosing the best rehab to fit your needs. Addiction treatment isn’t a “one-size fits all” approach, which is exactly why we want to discuss the many options available to you. Different people have different needs when it comes to treating addiction. Call us today, and we can discuss your different options.

Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Harringay

Attending a private rehab is often the most optimal choice a person can make when it comes to getting the help they need. One of the reasons for this is that private rehab gives a person the chance to leave regular surroundings behind and focus all their energy on getting better. A person’s environment can have a lot to do with the success they see in overcoming their addiction. If they are trying to get clean and sober, yet continually hit with the same circumstances day in and day out, it can be all but impossible for them to quit using drugs or alcohol. When a person goes to private rehab in Harringay however, they step away from their familiar life and are placed in an environment that is conducive to healing.

Private rehab is also something much more intensive than an outpatient programme. In a private rehab setting, every minute of every day is accounted for. From the moment a person wakes up to the moment they go to bed, all energy and effort is spent towards the goal of sobriety. When someone attends outpatient rehab the experience is much less intensive, as they are not spending all day, every day working on various ways to maintain sobriety and stay off drugs or alcohol.

Private rehab also offers people a choice. Outpatient rehab tends to be more or less the same, but private rehab is a different story entirely. When someone chooses to go to private rehab in Harringay they will find many different options available. Private rehab will offer people the choice of finding a centre that best fits their personal needs and desires. From luxury rehab centres with every amenity you could imagine to rehabs that are based on a completely holistic approach to treating addiction, there is truly something for everyone when it comes to choosing a private rehab. Those who desire to attend a rehab that is gender-specific will be pleased to find such options in the area available.

Going to private rehab in Harringay simply offers a person more options than going to an outpatient programme. And while outpatient rehab does work for some people, the chances of seeing success in an attempt at sobriety is increased when attending private rehab. Private rehab is also best suited towards those who will need personalised attention and special attention to detail.

Below we have listed some of the services in areas around Harringay:

Alexandra Park

The Grove Drug Treatment Service
9 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, N17 6RA
Tel: 020 8702 6220 or 020 8365 9032
Alexandra Park

Crouch End

Alcholics Anonymous Meeting
Upstairs, Union Church & Community Centre, corner Weston Pk, N8 9PX
Friday, 20:00
Crouch End

Finsbury Park

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
St Mellitus, The Presbytery, Tollington Park
Thursday, 19:00
Finsbury Park


Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
St Josephs Priory, Highgate Hill. N19 5NE
Sunday, 15:30


Narcotics Anonymous Meeting
IDASS North, 592 Holloway Road, N7 6LB
Monday, 12:00

Muswell Hill

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
Church Hall, Our Lady of Muswell RC Church, 1 Colney Hatch Lane, N10 1PN
Wednesday, 18:30
Muswell Hill

Seven Sisters

Cocaine Anonymous Meeting
101 Seven Sisters Road, Holloway, N7 7QP
Monday, 18:45
Seven Sisters

St Anne’s

Drug Advisory Service Haringey (DASH)
Orchard House St Ann’s Hospital St Ann’s Road London N15 3TH
Tel:020 8826 2400
St Anne’s

Stroud Green

Sexual Health On Call (SHOC)
Stroud Green Clinic 12-14 Upper Tollington Park London N4 3EL
Tel:020 7281 9988
Stroud Green


Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
Friends Meeting House (upstairs), 594 High Rd, N17 9TA
Monday, 20:00

Wood Green

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
Parish Room, St Michaels Church, junction High Rd/Bounds Green Rd. N22 8HE
Wednesday, 13:00
Wood Green

Outpatient Rehab Options

Outpatient rehab in Harringay is an option for those who are unable to attend private rehab. Some people who need help for addiction are unable to get away for an extended period of time to attend a private rehab. For those individuals with family, work, or educational responsibilities, outpatient rehab is often the best choice. It is wise to note however, that going to outpatient rehab will require a great deal of discipline and is best suited towards those who will take treatment seriously.

When a person goes to outpatient rehab, they will be responsible to make it to all their appointments and meetings on time. Missing any of these could be detrimental to the success they ultimately see. Outpatient rehab is best suited towards those with less severe addictions who do not need a lot of supervision and extra support during the recovery process. An outpatient centre is also a great choice for a person who has completed private rehab, but feels they could still use some support.

Therapy is as an Important Part of Rehab

Whether a person goes to a private rehab in Harringay or decides on outpatient care, one thing both modalities offer is professional therapy. Without the means to talk about their addiction to a trained professional, people seeking to end their addiction may never see the success they’re looking for. Because therapy is an integral part of the rehab process, it allows a person to open up to a professional about their problems. Not only this, but therapy can help an addict better understand the reasons behind their addiction, as well as various ways of overcoming the issues that have kept them in their addicted state. Therapy can include both private counselling sessions, as well as group meetings where the addict can forge a connection with others who share a similar experience.

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We Can Assist in Finding a Rehab to Fit Your Personal Needs

Getting help for addiction by attending rehab in Harringay is one of the best things a person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can do. Because our professional staff all has experience with addiction, we feel confident that we can answer any questions or concerns you might have that pertain to attending rehab. Getting help for addiction is really something to look forward to. It can be a frustrating process trying to find the right addiction centre though, which is exactly why we are here to help you every step of the way. We want to see you find the success you deserve. Please call us today for a no obligation chat about different options for rehab in Harringay and all across the UK.

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