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Break Away from Addiction in Hammersmith

If you are dealing with addiction problems then you will likely find that it is leading to increasing problems in your life. The downward spiral associated with this behaviour can be subtle, but when you look back on your life over any significant period, you are likely to see a steady deterioration. This downward trend will continue until you are able to break away from this behaviour, so the sooner you are able to do this the better.

There is help for people living in the Hammersmith area who are dealing with addiction problems. It is common for substance abusers to feel that they will be able to take care of their own problems, but if they are serious about ending the addiction, they will make use of the available resources. The reality is that breaking away from addiction without help is difficult because stopping the drug use or drinking is only the first step towards sobriety.

How to Choose an Alcohol and Drug Rehab

One of the best options for people who are dealing with an addiction will be for them to enter a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre. This means that they will be benefiting from a therapeutic environment while undergoing an intensive treatment program. Addiction to alcohol or drugs is a life threatening condition, so it deserves to be treated seriously; an inpatient program will ensure that this happens.

There are many different types of rehab out there and it can be confusing when it comes to choosing something appropriate. Here are some of the things that need to be considered when making this choice:

  • It is important to consider the type of program offered and the contents of this. It is usually best to choose a facility that offers a comprehensive program that includes life skills and relapse prevention workshops.
  • Each facility will have its own philosophy. For example, there are many rehabs that use the Minnesota model, which is based on the 12 Steps program as used by groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. This can be a good option for those people who intend to be using one of these fellowships as part of their recovery.
  • The programs will vary in length and some will be broken up into different stages. There is some evidence that suggests the longer the program the more likely it will be for the individual to achieve long-term recovery. These programs can last anywhere from 10 days to 2 years with the average being about 28 days.
  • The various rehabs will offer different levels of comfort. It is often worth paying a bit extra for a more comfortable rehab because it makes the process easier.

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Let Us Help You Find an Appropriate Rehab

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