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Getting Out of the Addiction Trap in Greenwich 

Anyone who has a substance abuse problem will know just how much it affects his or her life.  To begin with, it all seems harmless and fun.  Down the line though, when the habit has become an addiction, the suffering will begin.  What happens is that the individual will need more of the substance of choice to maintain the same feeling but they will be in denial about how serious the problem actually is.  It is when things get completely out of hand that the person will need outside help in the form of a rehab facility.  For those living in Greenwich, there are several options.  All these options can be discussed by calling us on 0800 024 1475, where we offer no obligation advice on treatment centres and rehabs.

Options in Greenwich

When someone wants to end an addiction of any kind, it is not simply a matter of taking away the substance that caused the problem to begin with.  They will have been experiencing life from a different perspective with the drug, and may not be able to face their everyday lives without it.  What rehab does is to teach them how to cope without drugs and teach them what and who to avoid to stay clean.

There are different options with rehab centres with some being inpatient facilities and others trying the outpatient approach.  It is advisable to take some time as an inpatient so that the individual is immersed in the treatment fully.  From here, they should learn all the coping skills that they need, which can often last for the remainder of their lives.

Rehab is not a miracle cure by any means; it is a process that will go on for the rest of the affected person’s life.  Much as they say that alcoholics are ‘recovering’ rather than cured, the same applies to drug addiction too.  Affected individuals often have a hard time admitting that the problem is there to begin with, but once they have, it should get easier after this.  Call us on 0800 024 1475 for more information on how we can help.

One thing that many substance abusers have is that they do not realise how dangerous the situation can get.  Mixing drugs with alcohol is even worse and can be fatal in some instances.  Those family members and friends who stage interventions will emphasise this point but with love and respect, they could be able to persuade the affected person to actually do something about the problem.

The general idea is to give the individual a good start at a clean life without their drug of choice so that they can stay sober forever.  Each individual will get a good start at a new life but he or she will have to be committed and willing to undergo whatever it takes to keep them clean.

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There are several options available for people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs and are living in the Greenwich area.  We are but a phone call away, therefore by contacting us on 0800 024 1475 we can give you a no obligation guide to finding the right rehab or treatment centre.