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If addiction has left you isolated and struggling, rehabs in Brentford can provide you with both expert therapists in addiction and a community of peers going through the same process.

Everyone experiences challenging times in life, grief when we lose a loved one or anxiety about money, family or jobs. In difficult times, drinking and using drugs may seem like an effective coping mechanism for a while. But it does not take long before addiction starts making all our problems much worse.

Going to alcohol or drug rehab will teach you skills for dealing with life safely and constructively.

Do I Need Treatment?

People drink and use drugs in many different ways. There is no useful stereotype of an alcoholic and addict. Addiction is sometimes known as an equal opportunities illness because it affects all kinds of people regardless of age, class, race and religion. The key to understanding, if your using or drinking has become a problem, is to ask yourself how it is affecting your life, your relationships, your work and your health. If you have been struggling in these areas and are still unable to stop drinking and using, it may be time to get some help.

The Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

There are many different consequences to using and drinking. Some are short-term and immediate problems, like accidents and injuries resulting in needing medical care or doing reckless things that you just wouldn’t do when sober, like having unprotected sex.

Over time addiction and alcoholism have serious long-term consequences too. There are many health issues associated with using and drinking, like liver disease, various cancers and hepatitis. Of course, there are serious mental and emotional health consequences too. You may find your life getting increasingly unmanageable as you lose your job and your relationships with partners, friends and family can break down.

There are all sorts of reasons why people start using and drinking, almost no one intends to become an addict. Maybe you never learnt effective coping skills, attending rehab will give you the opportunity to learn skills and tools.

What Will Detox Be Like?

In our rehabs, we offer a full medical detox and a tailored alcohol and drug rehab programme for those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction in the Brentford area.

If you have become physically dependent on drugs or alcohol, and have tried to stop on your own, you may have suffered withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, depression and anxiety, tremors and problems sleeping. These horrible physical symptoms are usually accompanied by an intense preoccupation with getting and using your drug or drink of choice. Remember, attempting to stop abruptly, and without medication, can be both dangerous and very uncomfortable.

If you attend rehab you will be assessed by a doctor who will prescribe you a substance-specific medical detox, every effort will be made to make your detox as comfortable as possible. You will be supported during your detox by the counsellors and support staff. There will always be someone on hand to talk to if you are struggling.

What Should I Expect from Rehabs in Brentford?

After detox, you will move on to the therapeutic part of your programme – this will be a blend of individual therapy and group therapy. You will be recovering within a community.

Our therapeutic communities are a place of acceptance and connection – as a resident, you will be an important part of this process. As a resident, you will be encouraged to connect with your peers in a nonjudgmental way. All the residents invest in each other’s recovery and wellbeing. You will have the opportunity to care for and be cared for by each other. Our ability to have happy, fulfilling relationships is important, social bonds give us meaning and a sense of purpose.

Recovering alongside other people will give you a precious opportunity to create healthy, reciprocal and loving relationships. As part of your recovery you will learn to trust the process, each other and, most importantly, you will learn to trust and even love yourself.

Addiction can be such a painful process, you may have ended up feeling like the world is a dark and unhappy place. In our programme, you will start learning to focus on the positive. You will learn positive ways of being and let go of old self-defeating behaviours and attitudes. As you practice your new skills and behaviours recovery will feel easier and easier. You will start to experience gratitude, joy, and serenity.

Rehab usually consists of an integrative programme which blends individual and group counselling with the 12 Steps and other holistic practices. Our experts will work with you to create a tailored programme which takes in to account your individual requirements, goals and needs. You will also have an opportunity to discover how incorporating mediation into your life might help you to live more peacefully.

During your stay in rehab, you will learn positive ways of thinking and behaviour that will stand you in good stead for the broad highway of a sober life, fulfilling relationships, and an effective life. You will understand your relapse triggers and warning sign and be equipped with skills and told that can keep you in recovery and help you deal with life on life’s terms.

Will Treatment Be the Same for Men and Women?

One of the old stereotypes was that addicts and alcoholics are all men. It may be that there was some truth in this in the past. It used to be that far more men accessed rehab than women, but that does not hold true today. Now women are one of the fastest growing addicted populations. We also know that there are gender-specific consequences related to a life of alcoholism.

We facilitate gender sensitive therapy in the form of women’s and men’s groups, which clients usually find really useful.

How Can I Fund My Addiction Rehab Treatment?

If you are able to privately fund your rehab program you will probably find that there is little or even no waiting list prior to your assessment and admission. Because of this quick access, privately funding treatment is often the preferred option for those who can afford it.

You may be eligible for NHS funding. To find out about an NHS funded place in rehab the first port of call should be a visit to your GP. Your doctor may then refer you to your local drug and alcohol service, who will often refer you to a community-based drug treatment service and if that proves ineffective, to a residential centre like our specialist clinics in the Brentford area.

There is usually a waiting list for NHS funded places in rehab and requirements by the drug and alcohol services that you have to fulfil before you are referred, like successfully attending community-based groups.

What about My Family?

Addiction is often known as ‘a family disease’, this is because if one member of the family is suffering from alcoholism or addiction, there will be consequences for everyone.

It can be really stressful worrying about and trying to control an addicted member of your family. Anxiety and depression are a normal reaction to living in these intense circumstances, and the family members of alcoholics and addicts can become quite ill themselves.

We provide family therapy to support all of your healing as much as possible. If your family members are worried about you or need support they will are welcome to call and get support from our team.


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What about My Kids?

The stigma attached to being an alcoholic or an addict whilst simultaneously being the primary caregiver for children is a barrier to accessing treatment. Also, parents can be reluctant to seek help because of the fear that children will be taken away from your care if doctors or social services find out that you are struggling.

We are not here to judge you. We are dedicated and passionate about helping you to heal as individuals and within your families. It is our aim to enable you to create as much stability for yourself and your family as possible.

If your illness is addressed openly and honestly, with appropriate support, then your whole family will have a chance at recovery. You can break the cycle of addiction.

We believe that just as your addiction may have affected your children, your recovery can too. Despite how powerless you feel at the moment, know that if you can get sober you will have the chance to pass on your recovery to your kids. Recovery is possible.

What Happens When I Leave?

Rehab in Brentford offers a number of aftercare options. Treatment can feel like a sanctuary from the chaos of addiction so it is only natural that the thought of leaving going back out to face life alone can be scary. Don’t worry though, before the time comes you will work with your counsellor to create a thorough relapse prevention plan to follow when you leave us. You will also have access to our aftercare programme.

You will find a close-knit community of recovering graduates from our programme in and around Brentford, London. You will no longer have to face your addiction alone. Please get in touch with our addiction experts if you would like to learn more.

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