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Those people in Louth who have fallen into addiction will often have questions about how they ended up in such a situation. It is usually possible to begin finding answers to these questions when the person enters a drug or alcohol rehab in Louth or elsewhere. It is important to understand that addiction is not something that the individual has chosen or something that they deserve. People fall into substance abuse for many different reasons, and they will never have intended for things to get so out of hand.

The aim of alcohol and drug rehab in Louth and beyond is to help the individual identify the root cause of his or her illness and to help him or her replace maladaptive behaviours so that he/she can avoid a relapse in the future. If people in Louth can understand why they fell into addiction in the first place it should mean that they can avoid a return to drug or alcohol use going forward.

How Rehab Can Help You to Identify the Cause of Your Addiction?

There are many reasons individuals find themselves in trouble with substances such as alcohol or drugs. To this end, professional counsellors working in organisations that provide alcohol and drug rehab in Louth and beyond are trained to help patients get to the root cause of their illness.

Some people are genetically predisposed to addiction just like other people are genetically predisposed to heart problems. This is why people with a history of substance abuse in their family need to be careful around alcohol and drugs. Some individuals will come from abusive families or they will have suffered some type of emotional trauma. They turn to alcohol or drugs for comfort and it may even seem to work in the beginning.

There will be some people who are dealing with a dual diagnosis. This means that they have a mental health problem alongside their addiction. In many instances, the individual will not even be aware of this other mental health problem, but they just know that drinking or taking drugs makes them feel better. This behaviour is referred to as self-medication. Here at Addiction Helper, we know which providers specialise in which addictions, and if you are suffering with a dual diagnosis, we can make sure that we recommend a provider with expertise in this area.

Once you are aware of the cause of your addiction, you will find it easier to overcome your problems because you will know what started them in the first place.

Overcome Addiction with Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Louth

It may seem to you as though you will never be free of drugs or alcohol. This is because you probably cannot ever envisage waking up without the cloud of addiction hanging over your head. Imagine if this were possible? Visualise waking up without turning your thoughts to a chemical mood-altering substance as soon as you open your eyes. If this is something you dream about, let us tell you now that it is entirely possible.

You are not beyond help. We have seen people with the most severe of addictions turn their life around and go on to become productive members of society. We know that with the right programme of drug or alcohol rehab in Louth, you too could be free from addiction – free to enjoy your life and free to make good decisions once more. All you need to do is believe in yourself, believe in the programme, and the rest will fall into place.

Accepting that you have a problem that requires help is the first step on the road to recovery. If you are here now because you have finally accepted help is required, well done. This is often the hardest part of the journey and you are already at that stage. We urge you now to take the next step and give Addiction Helper a call right now. Once you do, we can get to know what your needs are so that we can put you in touch with a provider of rehab in Louth that will suit your needs.

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Let Us Find Rehab in Louth for You

There are a number of elements to a successful recovery and the first, as previously mentioned, is admitting to having a problem. The next part of the journey is to find a suitable provider of rehab in Louth or beyond, which is where we come in.

We work with organisations across the country and we can find a programme to suit your requirements and circumstances, no matter what these are. We will first need to determine your needs, which we will do by providing you with a free assessment.

If you will allow us, we will work closely with you to find out about your illness and how severe it is. This is vital information when it comes to choosing the treatment programme that will be most effective for you. We will also need to be aware of any underlying physical or mental health problems that you have because this could also impact the type of provider that will suit you best.

Finally, we will need to know about your personal preferences, commitments, and budget as this is the best way for us to ensure that we are only providing you with recommendations to providers you will be completely comfortable with.

One of our fully trained advisors will discuss all your options with you and will answer any queries that you may have about locations and costs of programmes, etc. Please be aware that you are under no obligation to move on to treatment until you are ready, and the choice of provider will always be yours. We will never try to influence your decision. At the end of the day, what matters to us is that you get treatment, not who provides it.

For more information about Addiction Helper and the service we provide, contact us today via our dedicated helpline or this website. We are here to provide helpful advice and information to addicts and their family members.


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