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Those people in Louth who have fallen into addiction will often have questions about how they ended up in such a situation. It is usually possible to being finding answers to these questions when the person enters a drug or alcohol rehab. It is important to understand that this type of addiction is not something that the individual has asked to have or that they somehow deserve it. People fall into substance abuse for many different reasons, and they will never have intended for things to get so out of hand. If people in Louth can understand why they fell into addiction in the first place it should mean that they can avoid other maladaptive behaviour in the future.

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The usual reasons for why people fall into addiction would include:

  • Some people are genetically predisposed to this type of condition just like other people are genetically predisposed to heart problems. This is why people with a history of substance abuse in their family need to be careful around alcohol and drugs.
  • Some individuals will come from abusive families or they will have suffered some type of emotional trauma. They turn to alcohol or drugs for comfort and it may even seem to work in the beginning.
  • There will be some people who are dealing with a dual diagnosis. This means that they have a mental health problem alongside their addiction. In many instances the individual will not even be aware of this other mental health problem, but they just know that drinking and drugs makes them feel better. This behaviour is referred to as self medication.
  • Those people who grew up in a family where there was a good deal of substance abuse are likely to view such behaviour as perfectly normal. They believe that what they are doing is not bad in any way.

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