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Substance abuse has been compared to life in prison, and with good reason. No, it is not a prison of heavy steel doors and bars over the windows. It is a prison constructed of compulsive behaviours over which the individual feels he or she has no control. It is a prison that can doom one to a life sentence and eventual death. However, reprieve is possible.

The key to opening the prison door of addiction is professional treatment. In the Oadby area, treatment options are numerous. These range from the outpatient programme offered by a local charity to full-service residential rehab through a private clinic. To help you make that choice, Addiction Helper has set up a 24-hour telephone line staffed by compassionate and experienced counsellors.

At Addiction Helper, we know how devastating substance abuse and addiction can be. We also know that it is not uncommon for addicts and their families to not know where to turn for help. This is why we set up our addiction recovery helpline – to provide those in need with and assistance in locating and accessing treatment.

Inpatient or Outpatient

We generally recommend inpatient, residential treatment as one of the best options for full-blown addicts. We have seen the excellent results that private clinics offer through programmes that provide a concentrated and distraction free environment for recovery. However, inpatient treatment may not be the best option for you. You might be better served by an outpatient rehab programme.

What’s the difference? Inpatient rehab involves the recovering addict residing at the treatment facility for up to 12 weeks. During that time, the individual undergoes detox and rehabilitative therapy before returning home. With outpatient rehab, the client continues to live at home. He or she attends rehab treatments at a local facility on a regularly scheduled basis.

Under either option, it is important that recovering addicts be monitored and treated by professionals who know what they are doing. Doctors, nurses, and recovery therapists ensure patient safety and, when necessary, prescribe certain medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and prevent complications. Under no circumstances should you attempt to recover from substance abuse or addiction without medical help.

Featured Oadby Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

We Really Do Care

As someone struggling with drink or drugs, you may feel as though no one truly cares about you. We want you to know that we do care. That is why we offer our services free of charge to you. In addition, the doctors, nurses, therapists, and support staff at the private clinics we work with also care about you. They would not invest so much time and energy in recovery efforts if they did not. However, it goes even further still.

Your family and friends also care about you as well. They would do anything to help you free yourself from addictive behaviour. They want to see you get well; they want to see you live a life that is happy and productive.

Addiction Helper offers free assessments and comprehensive treatment referrals 24 hours a day. Our services are available in Oadby and throughout the UK.

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