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There are certain common traps in addiction treatment that people in Lutterworth will need to be aware of when trying to escape this type of condition. The most usual reason for why people fall into these traps is that they were not aware of them. Knowledge is power, and by understanding what to expect in recovery it gives the individual a great edge. This is why it is so often recommended that the person consider alcohol and drug rehab as this can give them the type of education that they need.

Some of the Traps That People Can Fall Into in Recovery

Some of the most common traps that people from Lutterworth are at risk of falling into in early recovery would include:

  • The person continues to spend time with their drinking and drug using friends. This is usually a big mistake because individuals will not only be unsupportive of recovery, but they may actively try to sabotage it.
  • If the individual leaves rehab with the feeling that they are cured then this can be a major mistake. There is still plenty of more work to be done and if the individual fails to progress they will likely relapse.

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  • Those people who have unrealistic expectations for recovery will usually be setting themselves up for disappointment. It takes time and effort to build a good life in recovery, and things are not going to be put right overnight.
  • Another trap that people fall into in recovery is forgetfulness. After they have been sober a few weeks or months the individual forgets how bad things were. There is a wise saying that those who forget their mistakes are the most likely to repeat them.
  • Many people will become complacent about their recovery and begin to take things easy. This is usually a big mistake.

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