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It is usually important that those people in Loughborough who are working to end an addiction to alcohol or drugs have sufficient social support. This kind of condition can be difficult to beat alone, and support combined with the individual’s own determination can make things much easier. In many cases the best way that people in Loughborough will be able to get the support they need in the beginning will be by attending and alcohol or drug rehab clinic. These facilities will allow the individual to begin networking and finding sober friends.

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Things to Consider When Building a New Social Network in Recovery

Here are just some of the things that people from Loughborough will want to consider when building their new social network:

  • It will usually be necessary to break off contact as much as possible with former drinking and drug using friends. This is because these individuals are unlikely to support recovery, and they may actively try to sabotage it.
  • In the 12 step groups they recommend that members stick with the winners. This is good advice for anyone. Humans are highly influenced by the people they spend their time with. This means that being with inspirational and positive people can make the individual become positive and inspirational too.
  • It can be good to have friends who are recovering from addiction, but it is not necessary for members of a sober network to be all ex substance abusers. The majority of people in the world lead sober lives, and they can also make good friends too.
  • Joining a fellowship group can be another good way of finding a readymade support network.  The benefit of these support groups is that they will really understand what the individual is going through and can offer reliable advice based on experience.

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