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Drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester begins when the individual is able to acknowledge that they have a problem, and they become willing to receive help. There are plenty of good addiction treatment options available for people in Leicester by way of outpatient programmes provided by the NHS, charities, and local support groups, or inpatient programmes offered by private clinics. With so much choice available, it is hard to believe that so many individuals are still struggling every single day with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Relatives of addicts often cannot understand why their loved one refuses to get help for their addiction. They find it impossible to comprehend why this person continues to abuse these substances when knowing that it is causing so much harm to his or her life and the lives of those they love. However, addicts are not usually capable of thinking logically, and this is because of how their brain structure has changed because of substance abuse. Many of them do not even think they need alcohol or drug rehab in Leicester or other parts of the UK.

The fact that some addicts do not believe they need rehab in Leicester or beyond is another bone of contention for many family members and friends. To them, it is painfully obvious that their loved one has a problem, so they find it hard to accept that the individual cannot see the same as them. Unfortunately, addicts are often so wrapped up in themselves and their own needs that they are unable to see the harsh reality of their situation. They do not do this out of stubbornness or pig-headedness; they are genuinely unable to see what others can so clearly.

What Are the Benefits of Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Leicester?

Accepting that you have an addiction to any substance is difficult. Most recovering addicts agree that this was the hardest part of the recovery process for them. Addiction has quite a lot of stigma attached to it, and those affected often feel ashamed or embarrassed at the idea that they could have allowed their substance use to spiral out of control.

Some cannot even see themselves as addicts because, in their own mind, an addict acts and behaves entirely differently to how they do. This is probably a lot to do with the negative portrayal of addiction and addicts that they have seen in the media.

You need to know that most addicts are just like everyone else. Not every alcoholic drinks cheap spirits out of brown paper bags. In fact, most do not. And not every drug addict hangs around dark alleyways injecting heroin.

Addiction is not so much about the substance that is being abused as it is more about the amount of control the person has over it. If you are unable to control your drinking or drug taking once you start, you could need drug or alcohol rehab in Leicester. At the very least, you have to consider the possibility that you have an issue. If you call Addiction Helper today, we can let you know for sure.

How to Find the Right Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Leicester?

When you accept that you need help for addiction and have made the decision to do something about it, you may be keen to get going. This could mean you start searching for a suitable provider of alcohol or drug rehab in Leicester or elsewhere.

However, if you get to a point where your search becomes a chore because there is just too much information available and you actually don’t know what you should be looking for, we can help. We have already compiled a huge database of information about the various providers of rehab across the UK, and we can access this information in mere minutes.

We know which providers specialise in treating which addictions, and we know the types of programmes they provide. This knowledge allows us to effectively match clients to providers. Nonetheless, before we can correctly match you to a specific provider, we will need to know a bit more about you and what your needs are. This is why we need to speak to you.

Not everyone will require the same type of programme, so it is impossible for us to recommend anything without providing an evaluation first. Please rest assured that this evaluation is free of charge and completely confidential.

Featured Leicester Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

What Does Rehab Entail?

If you are interested in putting your addiction behind you for good, you might want to know a little bit more about rehab in Leicester. For most people, the recovery process begins with a detox. Detox programmes are designed to help the individual break free from the substance to which he or she was addicted, and although the process is uncomfortable, it can be made much safer and easier to handle in a supervised facility.

You should be aware that detox programmes usually last between seven and ten days, and during this time, various withdrawal symptoms can occur. The type of symptoms you experience and how severe these will be depend on various factors such as how long you have been struggling with addiction and the type of substance you are using. Underlying mental and physical health problems can also impact the type of detox you have.

After detox, rehabilitation in an inpatient or outpatient facility can begin. You can choose the type of programme that you would be most comfortable with, but we can provide you with our recommendations depending on your requirements and circumstances.

If you have a severe addiction and are likely to find it difficult to resist temptations or triggers at home, we would probably recommend an inpatient programme in a private clinic. However, if you have a less severe addiction and plenty of support at home, an outpatient programme may be perfectly suitable for your needs.

Call us today for more information on rehab in Leicester. We can discuss the various treatment options available and answer any queries you may have. Our helpline is available 24-hours a day so that when you are ready to talk, you have someone to turn to.

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