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Drug and alcohol recovery in Leicester begins when the individual is able to acknowledge that they have a problem, and they become willing to receive help. Once the individual has reached this point there can be great hope that they will be able to turn their life around. There are plenty of good addiction treatment options available for people in Leicester, but it will be up to the individual to make the use of these resources. One of the options they will certainly want to consider will be a drug or alcohol rehab. This is a place where the person can begin overcoming the flaws in their personality that allowed them to fall into addiction in the first place.

Character Flaws and Addiction

To say that people who fall into addiction have character flaws might sound like victim blaming or being highly judgmental, but this is not meant to be taken that way. All humans will have character flaws, but in the case of the substance abuser these will be things that can seriously hold them back in life. This is not to say that the person who abuses alcohol or drugs is somehow a worse person than anyone else. It just means that they have attitudes and ways of doing things that can get in the way of recovery.

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The most common character flaws that people in Leicester who are trying to overcome addiction might have would include:

  • The person easily becomes upset. They feel that they have a high degree of stress in their life and they need alcohol and drugs in order to cope.
  • They find it hard to delay gratification.
  • They have a tendency to act impulsively.
  • They like to take risks.
  • This person usually has low self esteem.
  • They are prone to symptoms of depression.

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