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It is not only the bad times that can cause people in addiction recovery in Hinckley to relapse This is because these individuals will not have only turned to alcohol and drugs when times were hard but also when times were good too. When things start to go well for the individual in recovery they can begin to feel like they deserve to get drunk or high. This is because they associate feeling good with these things that they labelled rewards. One of the most intense highs in early recovery is referred to as the pink cloud, and this can be particularly dangerous for those people in Hinckley who are trying to end their substance abuse problems.

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What Is Meant By Pink Cloud Syndrome?

To say that a person is experiencing pink cloud syndrome means that they are experiencing so much happiness that it may be detrimental to them. This is not to suggest in any way that feeling good in recovery is a bad thing. What is being talked about here is a type of happiness that is almost unreasonably high. It is dangerous for those who are trying to break away from addiction because:

  • The individual can be feeling so good that they begin to wonder if they might be cured of their addiction problems.
  • The pink cloud always ends and the individual can come back down to earth with a bang. They can then use their disappointment with being back in reality by turning to alcohol or drugs because they no longer feel that recovery is working.
  • People who are feeling this good can take their recovery for granted, and this means that they will stop doing the things that have been helping to keep them sober.

It is important that people are prepared to deal with the pink cloud, and one of the most effective ways of doing this would be by entering rehab.

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