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With a population of just over ten thousand people, you might not expect the small Leicestershire town of Earl Shilton to have problems with substance abuse and addiction. However, these illnesses do exist here – just as they do almost everywhere else in the UK. Wherever mood-altering substances are present, problems with abuse are sure to follow and unfortunately, nowhere in the country is exempt. If you are struggling with such problems, you are not alone. There are many individuals already accessing drug and alcohol rehab in Earl Shilton, and Addiction Helper wants you to know that help is available for you too. All you need do is ask for it.

Admitting that alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medication has become a serious issue in your life is never going to be easy – we understand this. But you need to know that if you do not ask for help accessing alcohol or drug rehab in Earl Shilton, your problems are likely to get worse. You may be tempted to do nothing and hope for the best, but this is a bad idea. Addiction is an illness that gets worse with time, so ignoring it is a big mistake.

We urge you to contact us here at Addiction Helper right now. We can promise that when you speak to one of our advisors and open up about what your life has been like recently, you will feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders. The majority of our advisors have been on their own recovery journeys, and they can give you advice and information about what the process involves. If you are ready to move forward to a lifetime of sobriety, they can put you in touch with a suitable provider of rehab in Earl Shilton.

Why Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Earl Shilton?

Addiction is a far-reaching illness that is not limited to those living in big cities or those from specific backgrounds. It does not discriminate based on geographical location or on how much money a person has. You need to remember that anyone who uses mood-altering substances can develop an addiction, but they are not to blame for their illness.

Nevertheless, the effect that addiction can have on so many lives can never be understated. Even those who have never abused a chemical substance in their life can be severely impacted when someone they love becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Entire communities feel the force of addiction, particularly when it leads to physical violence and crime. Emergency services are put under pressure from substance abuse and addiction-related illnesses and incidents, and this affects everyone in the community. Moreover, there is a financial implication for everyone in the country as the government must pay out billions of pounds every year for the treatment of addiction-related illnesses and the prosecution of crimes caused by those under the influence of these substances. Without services such as alcohol and drug rehab in Earl Shilton and beyond, there is no doubt the situation would be far worse than it is.

Do You Need Rehab Treatment in Earl Shilton?

You are probably here because you are worried that you may have a problem with substance abuse, or perhaps you are here on behalf of a loved one. Some people only get in touch with us when a concerned loved one suggests they might need help. Is this a familiar situation for you? Are you here because a family member or friend believes you might benefit from drug or alcohol rehab in Earl Shilton?

Maybe you do not think your problem is serious enough to warrant a programme of rehabilitation? Perhaps you believe that you have full control over your drug or alcohol use and that you can quit anytime you like? If so, please let us help. We can assess your situation to determine if you are in need of help or not. We know how hard it is to accept the truth sometimes, but if you let us help, we can either confirm your fears or put your mind at rest.

If you have tried to cut back on your drinking or drug taking but find that you keep going back to it, it could mean that you have a dependence that needs to be treated. Similarly, if you are drinking more than you used to or are taking drugs more frequently, you may have built up a tolerance and are likely to need professional help to quit. Please get in touch with us today and we can put you in touch with a provider that can help.

Featured Earl Shilton Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

What Is Rehab Like?

Rehab in Earl Shilton consists of physical detox programmes, rehabilitation, and aftercare, just as it does everywhere else in the United Kingdom. It is provided by a variety of organisations including the NHS, private clinics, charities, and local support groups.

A detox programme is typically the starting point for those who want to quit the substance to which they are addicted. During detox, the patient will likely experience a number of withdrawal symptoms, which could be mild to severe in intensity. Without knowing who is going to experience the most severe symptoms beforehand, it is always a good idea for patients to complete this process under the care and supervision of medical professionals in a dedicated facility.

Rehabilitation programmes take place in an inpatient or outpatient facility. Inpatient programmes are much more intensive than their outpatient counterparts. The patient moves into the clinic for the duration of treatment and while there, he or she will spend most of the day in therapy or counselling. This type of programme is run in a distraction-free environment with the patient having no access to temptations or triggers.

Outpatient programmes are run on a day-care basis, with patients attending regular counselling sessions but not staying in the clinic. They return home afterwards to their normal daily life and must deal with recovery at the same time.

Once rehab is finished, the patient will have to get on with normal living. The fear they have though is that without the support they have come to rely on, they will be unable to cope. This is why most rehab providers now offer some form of aftercare service. It helps with the transition to normal living and provides a level of support that will help to keep the patient on track.

If you are interested in overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol, let Addition Helper find the right treatment provider for your requirements. Call us today via our dedicated 24-hour helpline to find out more.

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