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Struggling with drug abuse or alcoholism is like struggling with an overpowering monster you cannot see, feel, or hear. It is a struggle that is nearly impossible to win without professional help and the support of family and friends. At Addiction Helper, we want to be of assistance to those in need in Lytham St Annes.

We have set up a 24-hour addiction recovery helpline that you can call as soon as you are ready. If you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol, one of our trained counsellors can walk you through the full variety of treatment programmes available in the Lytham St Annes area. If you are calling on behalf of someone else, our counsellor can advise you regarding treatment options and the possibility of conducting an intervention.

Our organisation was established for the sole purpose of helping those struggling with drugs and alcohol get into recovery. We do what we do because we know how damaging substance abuse can be. It not only harms the individual user, but also his or her family, friends and everyone else he or she comes in contact with. Substance abuse is a family problem that becomes a community problem when it is not dealt with.

What We Recommend

The recommendations made by our counsellors are based on a number of different factors. It is our goal to do what we can to ensure a bespoke treatment plan is devised for all of our clients who decide to seek treatment. We believe bespoke treatments offer the best chances of permanent recovery. Why? Because there is no single form of treatment that cures everyone. People are different. Their treatment needs are different as well.

In light of that, what we often recommend is residential rehab at a private clinic. Private clinics are the best at developing and implementing bespoke treatment plans because addiction recovery is all they do. The doctors and nurses they employ are addiction recovery specialists with years of experience in treating recovering addicts.

Residential rehab in Lytham St Annes consists of a detox programme, several weeks of psychotherapeutic treatments, and then 3 to 12 months of aftercare counselling and support. By taking advantage of residential treatment, a recovering addict is choosing to change his or her life for the better.

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Other Treatment Options

We realise that residential treatment is not an appropriate choice for everyone. Some people do better with outpatient programmes while others can get all the help they need from a support group. In order for us to determine that though, we need to speak with you. When you call our helpline, you will speak with an experienced counsellor who can assess your circumstances before recommending the best form of treatment. We will advise you on all your options including residential treatment, NHS services, local charities, and support groups.

Addiction Helper is a referral organisation bridging the gap between recovering addicts and treatment providers. Our services are available in Lytham St Annes and throughout the UK. All of our services are free and completely confidential.

We offer dedicated local treatment across Lancashire including Chorley , Thornton-Cleveleys , Fleetwood , Lancaster , Preston , Barrow-in-Furness , Bolton , Blackpool ,Morecambe , Skelmersdale , andLeyland .